Ahmad Kasravi was born on September 29, into a religious family of the village of Hamkavar, near the city of Tabriz, Iran. The formative period of his life in . Media in category “Ahmad Kasravi”. The following files are in this category, out of total. × ; 73 KB. View the profiles of people named Ahmad Kasravi. Join Facebook to connect with Ahmad Kasravi and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power .

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Ahmad Kasravi

A prolific writer, Kasravi was very critical of both the Shi’a clergy and of the policies of the central government. They are completely different and are opposite of one another The most important ones are ” History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution ” and “Eighteen Years History of Azerbaijan”, which are the among the most important literature works of Persian Constitutional Revolution.

It was just a matter for a learned cleric to administer first Iran, then the whole world, until the Lord of Time revealed himself to his favourite nation and ushered in an age of justice and the end of the world.

Kasravi is known for his solid and controversial research work on the ancient Azari language. Moreover, he had liberal views on religionwas a strong supporter of democracyand expressed them in satirical pamphlets like What Is the Religion of the Hajis with Warehouses?

There are translation companies in Egypt for instance, they are affordable and specialised in translating from Arabic to English. Khomeini, himself a brilliant stylist, conceded on television in that Kasravi knew his history and was a good writer, but was a vile man who sought prophethood. He abandoned his clerical training after this event and enrolled in the American Memorial School of Tabriz. Kadravi help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


Reza, and then his son Muhammad Reza, imposed despotic government for much of the period from to Disunited, he said, present-day Islam is plagued by factional strife among Sunnis, Shi’is, Zaidis, Isma’ilis, Shaykhis, Ali Allahis, and many other factions on the one hand and burdened by regionalism, nationalism, and tribalism on the other hand.

At one time, Persian was a common cultural language of much of the non-Arabic Islamic world. While still in his teens Kasravi warmed to the principles and ideals of the Iranian Constitutional Movement in spite of his ultra conservative religious background and the atmosphere of the poor, backward section of Tabriz in which he grew up.

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The unity has gone the way of the purity with which the faith had graced the world at its birth. The following books or articles are in PDF format.

One wonders if Khomeini’s successor as regent or leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as he looked down on Ahmadinejad kneeling in the front row at Friday prayers at Tehran University on 19 June, had the leisure to reflect: Views Read Edit View history. His ah,ad earned him many powerful enemies such as Ayatollah Khomeini. His detailed account of the Constitutional Revolution still stands out as one of the most important sources on the events, even though Kasravi was a teenager at the time of the revolution and cannot claim the full authority of a contemporary witness that his writing at times suggests.

Religion and Politics in Modern Iran: The man who is burning the Qur’an! Bred up for kssravi Shia clergy, his life was changed in by the popular movement to secure parliamentary government from the feckless and extravagant Qajar monarchy. Not so his successors. Nothing kasrav left of that Islam.


The lavish expenditure on pilgrimage, he maintained, was best spent on feeding and clothing the hungry and the poor.

Ahmad Kasravi – Wikipedia

The famous halo is the butt of endless ridicule in Iran, most recently in a song addressed to Ahmadinejad in the style of the medieval poet Molavi, which has become a sort of anthem of the Tehran June: Throughout the book he remains highly respectful and reverential towards Imam Ali, Imam Hossein and their original followers.

Sheikh Fazlollah was executed by the constitutionalists on 31 July He has authored more than 70 books, mostly in Persian language. A reading of Kasravi’s History suggests that by far the most likely outcome of recent events in Iran, from a purely historical point of view, is despotism. Addressing the UN general assembly in New York inAhmadinejad says he felt an aura of light around his head that kept the delegates transfixed in their places for almost half an kasravl. Khomeini loathed popular superstition.

Navvab Safavi is commemorated by a metro station and parkway in Tehran. These two latest sects were formed by two brothers who were followers of “Bob” once. Also, he says it is not ahmaad that science will destroy Kssravi and talks about why European adore Sufism. In short, the new parliament, instead of merely interpreting and enforcing the divine law known as sharia, would agmad give law to the Muslims.