A Systems lithium ion rechargeable ALM 12V7 battery is based on proven ANR cells. The battery offers high power, long cycle and calendar life, and . They deliver higher power, increased safety and exceptional calendar and cycle life compared with lead acid. The ALM 12V7 features integrated safety systems. The ALM 12V7s HP (up to 45 A continuous charge/discharge) is the next generation of NEC Energy Solutions pioneering Advanced Lithium Module, now with.

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Enter text from picture: TPKs will be completely shut off. Just any design that uses power from a series string of cells to power the BMS. The description of Phoenix Contact’s design so far does not inspire confidence.


Can replace 12vdc 7Ah batteries like PSF2. Folks on this list have done the experiment on other brands.

Only balancing at full charge. It is powered exclusively from the series string of cells it is monitoring. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. The internal BMS may turn off the output, but won’t it continue to load the cells itself? Xlm its BMS kill the cells?


A123 ALM 12V7 Batteries now charging

Not at all; I’m only poionting out that there will only be voltage after 3 years if the load on the cell for that entire time is essentially zero! If you don’t have the data; say so.

As an example, essentially all laptop packs have fairly high standby drains. To exit the OVP state, apply a load to discharge to the battery. Now maybe it’s there; the EVDL search capabilities stink. And since these packs normally use LiCr cells, 12c7 are destroyed. As Carl Sagan said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I don’t have much luck getting hold of engineers at A Read more about the condition. Don’t have an account?

The battery was at zero volts for about two weeks. The typical BMS in a well-designed commercial product has very low continuos operating currents.

Several on this list. But I haven’t seen the data. Start of add to list layer. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, because Phoenix Contact’s alj charger doesn’t turn it on. It only charges to The result, discharging LiFePO4 to zero volts and leaving the cell there for many days actually reduces the internal resistance and has no detrimental effect whatsoever.

For many applications, our ALMs result in a lower total cost of ownership TCO over lead acid due to reduced maintenance and service costs, reduced shipping and material handling costs and lower total inventory carrying costs. Or, is the battery shipped in an “off” state, where the cells are in fact still charged but the BMS and output is off? This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. SOC curve was even flatter than A cells!


Weigh less than half of comparable lead acid batteries Higher Power: A glove box light draws about ma at 12v. All I’m getting are anecdotal stories. The latter has real numbers, and sufficient information so one could duplicate the test to verify the results.

NEC ALM 12V7 s-Series User Manual

Hopefully that’s not a significant difference to matter. Maybe 7 years ago? A’s Nanophosphate lithium iron phosphate chemistry provides excellent abuse allm, and multiple layers of protection are employed at the chemistry, cell and system levels.