Arwana Super Red Kalbar. 9 likes. Pet Supplies. Contact Arwana Super Red Kalbar on Messenger. Highlights info row image. Pet Supplies. People. 9 likes. Here are the characteristics of Arwana Super Red fish below, let me not misunderstand: The body color of Arowana by nurilsejati. gambar ikan arwana super red Dragon Fish, Red Dragon, Water Life, Rednecks, AKUARIUM UNIK: Cara Membedakan Arwana Banjar Red, Golden Red, dan.

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We’re working on it It appears that you already have a Toluna account. Asian arowana Super red arowana Conservation status. He build 3 ponds containing adult super reds and young super reds and a show room.

Your Facebook token has expired, you need to reconnect your Toluna account with Areana or disconnect the two accounts for now. The anal fin and the bottom portion of the caudal fin are light brown to dark red. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. The prominent lower jaw has two barbels at its tip. Log in to Toluna or. If we wish our arowana to grow beautifully, we must take extensive care of the fish during its growing phase.


Like all members of the OsteoglossidaeAsian arowanas are highly adapted to fresh water and are incapable of surviving in the ocean. Adults feed on other fish, while juveniles feed on insects. Log in to Toluna. Second, each specimen receives an implanted microchipcalled a passive integrated transponder, which identifies individual animals.

The showroom is on above mention address. Kumazawa, Yoshinori; Nishida, Mutsumi 1 December They have several other common names, including Asian bonytonguedragonfishand a number of names specific to the different color varieties. The Asian arowana Scleropages formosus comprises several phenotypic varieties of freshwater fish distributed geographically across Southeast Asia.


Super Red is one of the most expensive fish in the world hence to high demand and low supply of it. Views Read Edit View history. Here’s a quick tour of a few features to help you get the maximum out of our site. Asian arowanas bear teeth on many bones of the mouth, including the jaws, vomer, palatines, pterygoids, parasphenoid, and tongue. Prepared foods include prawns shrimplean pork, frozen fish food, and pelleted food. Mature red-tailed golden arowanas have brilliant metallic gold lateral scales, gill coversbellies, and pectoral and pelvic fin membranes, although the back is dark.

The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology: Like in the offline world, cookies make things better. Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds.

shelookRED – super red arowana specialist

Retrieved 10 May Articles with ‘species’ microformats Articles containing video clips. Like other arowanasthey need a tight-fitting cover to prevent escape. The majority of researchers dispute this reclassification, arguing that the published data are insufficient to justify recognizing more than one Southeast Asian species of Scleropagesand that divergent haplotypes used to distinguish the color strains into isolated species were found within a single color strain, contradicting the findings.

They are considered monotypicconsisting of closely related haplotypes. Unlike most fish, the Asian arowana reaches sexual maturity relatively late, after 3—4 yr. You can too by signing up now! For example, Asian arowanas are now uncommon in the Malay Peninsulawhere they arwaja once widely distributed, due ted environmental destruction.

Now the rdd providing high quality young super red and adult super red. The breeding cycle is around times per year.

In addition, positive feng shui associations with water and the colours red and gold make these fishes popular for aquaria. Retrieved 22 April Its popularity has soared since the late s, and hobbyists may pay thousands of U. Archived from the original on October 25, Asian arowana scales are large, cycloidand, in some varieties, metallic-coloured, with a distinctive mosaic pattern of raised ribs.


They are surface feeders and prefer to take food in the upper parts of the water column. Asian arowanas are listed as endangered by the IUCN Red Listwith the most recent evaluation taking place in For security reasons we are asking you to please enter your Toluna password to access the site.

ARWANA SUPER RED – what a fish!!

Morphologic and genetic evidences”. Last but not leastgood luck! According to author Emily Voigt, the arowana has been cause for kidnappings, canings and even rfd. Asian arowanas are carnivorous and should be fed a high-quality diet of meaty food, such as shrimp and crickets.

In mature fish, the top of the eye and the head behind the eye are bright emerald. That could mean time and money has to be spent on it. There are very rare instances where an arowana spawns 3 times a year. Examples of appropriate live foods include scorpionscentipedesarwnaacricketsshrimpsfeeder fishsmall frogsand earthworms. In juveniles, the areas destined to develop golden colour start out metallic silver. These popular aquarium fish have special cultural significance in areas influenced by Chinese culture.

This classification was based on both morphometrics and a phylogenetic analysis using the cytochrome b gene, and includes these species:.

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