Athanasius Schneider, O.R.C. is a Kazakhstani Roman Catholic bishop, the auxiliary bishop of .. Dominus Est, it is the Lord: Reflections of a Bishop of Central Asia on Holy Communion [Dominus est, riflessioni di un vescovo dell’ Asia Centrale. Buy Dominus Est: It is the Lord! by Athanasius Schneider (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Nearly ten years ago an unknown auxiliary bishop from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, the Most Reverend Athanasius Schneider, wrote a brief treatise on the.

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Athanasius Schneider

Every sign that could remind men of God, of Christ, and of the Church was removed from public life and from the sight of men. John in the Lateran. Those who are unable to kneel must also make an alternate act of reverence.

I also wish to offer a word of thanks to Mr. Now, let all who administer mysteries of so holy a nature, and especially those who minster thoughtlessly, give their careful consideration. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Yea, men profane and barbarous, leaving their country and their home, both set out on a long journey, and esf they came, with fear and great trembling worshiped Him. This book disputes that point but also shows how, even employing that usage, extraordinary care was exercised in regard to the Eucharistic Species.

Francis is probably widely assiciated with his love of xchneider creation, both inanimate and animate.

The smallest fragment of this Bread can sanctify millions of men and is enough to give life to all who eat It.

Every time she distributed Holy Communion, she did so with an ardent heart and a reverential fear. Very short and concise. For the faithful, this is the culminating point of the encounter and of personal union with Christ, really and substantially present under the humble veil of the Eucharistic Species.

No, Communion only reaches its true depths when it is supported and surrounded by adoration. I wish to say first what a pleasure it has been to work with Bishop Schneider, a kindly gentleman with a faith-filled and priestly heart; even across three continents and an ocean, we have been able to communicate and collaborate effectively out of a love born of a common concern for a renewed sense of the sacrality of the Holy Eucharist.


This appears evident in the rite of Communion, inasmuch as it constitutes the consummation of the Eucharistic Sacrifice. For a Catholic, that was an ordinary and common scene, but for Faber, it was a scene he could not forget for his whole life. Receive Communion on the Tongue while Kneeling. I take the place of the seraph.

One now sees communicants frequently returning to their places as though nothing extraordinary has happened. Archdiocese of Newark website. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

He was schnwider major leader of the Oxford Movement, which was intended to bring the Church of England back to its Catholic origins. After an injury, he changed the course of his life and followed the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience with intense zeal and in imitation of Christ.

dominus est | liturgy guy

In this context, it is instructive to compare the development of the rite of Communion in the Athabasius communities. Some people, to justify Communion-in-the-hand, cite the words of Jesus: It is the Lord! He has repeatedly met with members of atyanasius Society, including the Superior General Bernard Fellayto discuss doctrinal differences and to arrive at a solution.

Jerome was concerned with the thought that a Eucharistic fragment could fall to the ground, a possibility he considered worrisome and a spiritual danger.

Athanasius Schneider – Wikipedia

Finally, some acknowledgements are in order. Cyril of Jerusalem exhorted in this very impressive manner: He was heavily influenced by Platonism and is noted for having structured the concepts of a just war and of original sin.

Hippolytus of Rome, St. After the ninth month, you must consume the Host, but do so with great reverence! In the West, at the beginning of the second millennium, there was added the profoundly biblical gesture of kneeling.

A policeman entered and spoke directly to Father Alexij: Worship, forms of worship—such as bowing the knee, taking off the shoes, keeping silence, a prescribed dress, and the like—are considered achneider necessary for a due approach to God.


For as in royal palaces, what is most glorious of all is not walls, nor golden roofs, but the person of the king sitting on the throne; so likewise in heaven the Body of the King.

For they indeed when they saw Him but in a manger, and in a hut, and no such thing was in sight as you behold now, drew nigh with great awe; but you behold Him not in the manger but on the altar, not a woman holding Him in her arms, but the athanxsius standing by, and the Spirit with exceeding bounty hovering over the gifts set before us.

Abandoned Love, I adore You. How much more carefully, then, will you guard against losing so much as a crumb of dominuz which is more precious than gold or precious stones? October 19, ; d. To see what your friends thought of this schneidet, please sign up. Allowing oneself to be fed like a baby by receiving Communion directly into the mouth ritually expresses in a better way the character of receptivity and of being a child before Christ Who feeds us and nourishes us spiritually.

The same attitude of prostration before the stupendous presence and divine revelation is found throughout the Book of Scbneider Rev 5: It is to be hoped that this work will contribute to the current discussion cominus the Eucharist, the real and substantial presence of Christ in the consecrated Species of Bread and Wine.

Furthermore, in the contemporary rite of Communion-in-the-hand, the faithful themselves take the Body of the Lord placed on their hands and then put It into their mouths with their fingers. Before the priest in the Eucharistic Liturgy touches the Body of the Lord with his fingers, his hands are incensed. Such an attitude has been demonstrated by generations of Catholics in all the churches for almost the entire second millennium.