Balilla Pratella “Manifesto dei musicisti futuristi.” 11 Gennaio in: Il Manifesto del futurismo p. ; Translated and (re)published in: Poggi, Christine, and. Balilla Pratella. I appeal to the young. Only they should listen, and only they can understand what I have to say. Some people are born old, slobbering spectres. Francesco Balilla Pratella. retrieved. 9 October stated in · International Music Score Library Project · IMSLP ID · Category:Pratella,_Francesco_Balilla.

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Listen to Francesco Balilla Pratella now.

In other projects Wikiquote. I laugh serenely and care not a jot; I have climbed beyond the pratflla, and I loudly summon young musicians to the flag of Futurism which, launched by the poet Marinetti in Le Figaro in Paris, has in a short space of time conquered most of the intellectual centers rpatella the world. In Russia, Modeste Balipla, renewed by the spirit of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, grafts the primitive national element on to the formulae inherited from others, and by seeking dramatic truth and harmonic liberty he abandons tradition and consigns it to oblivion.

According to Pratella, Italian music was inferior to music abroad. In Finland and Sweden, also, innovatory tendencies are being nourished by means of national musical and poetical elements, and the works of Sibelius confirm this. But, although they are almost never heard today, the chamber pieces, including the Sonata seconda for violin and piano and the Sonata terza for piano quintetprobably offer his best music.

This prize was to cover the cost of performance of balillw work thus recognized as superior and worthy, according to the bequest of the Bolognese, Cincinnato Baruzzi.

Only they should listen, and only they can understand what I have to halilla. They make use, in their ascent to fame, of that absurd swindle that is called well-made music, the falsification of all that is true and great, a worthless copy sold to a public that lets itself be cheated by its own free will. Wikiquote has quotations related to: This musicological work should rightly be considered Pratella’s best and most important legacy, but a brief stint with the Italian Futurist movement around the time of World War I tends to dominate biographical accounts.


Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pure symphony, the last refuge, harbors the pratel,a opera composers, who justify themselves by preaching the death of the music drama as an absurd and anti-musical form. Every opera writer must absolutely and necessarily be the author of his own poem.

He continued to compose, however, and during the s and ’30s produced a handful of chamber pieces and four further theater works. One opera was composed during Pratella’s Futurist days he wrote a half-dozen operas altogetherthe three-act L’aviatore Dro, composed to and premiered in Lugo in His final extant original composition is the incidental music Nostra medar Rumagna To proclaim that the reign of the singer must end, and that the importance of the singer in relation to a work of art is the equivalent of the importance of an instrument in the orchestra.

Not surprisingly given his interest in folk songPratella composed many songs. He also worked on a proposed Raccolta nazionale delle musiche italiane National Collection of Italian Music with Gabriele D’Annunziobut the project was interrupted by the poet’s death.

Some people are born old, slobbering spectres of the past, cryptograms patella with poison. Very few get so far as to see their work staged, and most of these pay out money to secure venal and ephemeral successes, or polite toleration. Inspired by Pratella, Luigi Russolo created his Intonarumori Noise Intoners in and wrote his own manifesto, The Art of Noisesintroducing the futurist concept of introducing noise into music. In these hot-beds of impotence, masters and professors, illustrious deficients, perpetuate traditionalism and combat any effort to widen the musical field.

Styles Keyboard Baliola Music.

Francesco Balilla Pratella

But, although they are almost never heard today, the chamber pieces, including the Sonata seconda for violin and piano and the Sonata terza for piano quintet balillw, probably offer his best music. Introspection Late Night Partying.


The result is prudent repression and restriction of any free and daring tendency; constant mortification of impetuous intelligence; unconditioned propping-up pratell imitative and incestuous mediocrity; prostitution of the great glories of the music of the past, used as insidious arms of offense against budding talent; limitation of study to a useless form of acrobatics floundering in the perpetual last throes of a behindhand culture that is already dead.

Publishers pay poets to waste their time and intelligence in concocting and seasoning—in accordance with the recipes of that grotesque pastry cook called Luigi Illica—that prstella cake that goes by the name of opera libretto.

Francesco Balilla Pratella – Wikiquote

The performance, which took place balillw December l, in the Teatro Comunale in Bologna, brought with it success in the form of enthusiasm, base and stupid criticisms, generous defense on the part of friends and strangers, respect and imitation from my enemies. Sexy Trippy All Moods. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Pianist Prratella Lombardi has recorded some of Pratella’s futurist piano music, and in the La Scala opera house in Milan revived L’aviatore Dro for the first time in 75 years.

The publishers perpetuated mediocrity and the domination of music by the “rickety and vulgar” operas of Puccini and Umberto Giordano.

Get Spotify Open Spotify. Born February 1, Having returned in his operatic formulae to the stale concepts of Florentine chamber music which gave birth to melodrama in the seventeenth century, he has still not yet succeeded in completely reforming the music drama of his country.