Thinker with the components, experiment with the magnets, coil, batteries, transistor etc. Bedini already masters all these variables thus don’t expect a miracle. Beautiful NEW Bedini SSG Bicycle Wheel Energizer Monopole Motor Kit comes with full wound coil and 7 transistor circuit with matched components fully tested. Animation of the Bedini `SSG´ Circuit. The Bedini “Simple School Girl´s” circuit is so named because it was constructed by Shawnee Baughman.

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Through the years all I ever used it for was to restore lead acid batteries with good success. US Patents 7, 6, Now, take the battery and put it back in the ssb circuit in the SSG and run the motor for an hour. The history of this motor design goes back much further, probably towhen it was patented by Roger Andrews of Salem, Oregon as a novelty electric motor.

Bedini SSG – Science DIY

Bedini SSG How do we generate and use electricity in the near future? And thus by capturing the used energy back into a battery and on top of that delivering mechanical energy to rotate the wheel.

Bwdini I want to see what happens to the input current if I connect multiple batteries to the output at the same time. Handbuilt to order 4 large cap comparator discharge circuit.


If there is, report the measurement from your analog meter. Piezo rochelle salt crystal. The input current remained at just under mA the whole beini.

Tesla Chargers | Bedini Motor Kits

I beddini the primary output connected to two old Ah golf cart batteries. When it gets close to this level Get some extra in case of breakage. The data from those who have extreme numbers, even on the low side, is important. Only after we notice two different kinds of energies involved in the process can we carefully distinguish and manipulate them for practical advantages in powering various loads. This will give you the output bdeini the system in joules.

Resources for History, Theory, Advancement and Application. George December 11, Reply. Each one has its ssb unique serial number with the Bedini logo engraved.

Then we must learn how batteries work in general and how they relate to this system. Adding a network printer in Ubuntu.

Do not assume you are entitled to receive personal instruction or other free gifts from others; such demands are out of place. Culver City Industrial Hardware Remove wire from spool. Bediin doesn’t mean we should ignore it.

The battery would have less “bounce”. When the machine is properly built and tuned, by measuring with conventional meters we will see more energy leaving the receiving battery via a constant load than entered it.

  DSK C6713 PDF

Single coil Bedini motor charging 4 batteries w no current increase

Just put one battery on the back end and one on the front. So the transistor is driven harder into saturation by this feedback loop. Thus organized, it may not take the new student more than a day to learn the essential details and build as directed.

Save On Home Energy. The secondary negative terminal should be hooked to the primary positive. Low Resolution Video for dialup: Candle powered ceramic heater. Low temperature stirling engine. This is not a competition, it is mass experimentation for the learning benefit of all involved. First we must know that our machines are built right and then get a feel for how they work.

In the circuit shown above I simply added the diode at the point shown in red.

Everyone needs to learn what to do and as equally important what not to do.