Julukan Ash Shiddiq didapatkan karena beliau membenarkan kabar dari Rasulullah Saw. dengan kepercayaan yang sangat tinggi. Sebagaimana ketika pagi. Source: / 16 Jan Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) real name was Abdullah, and he was given the title of “As Siddique”. Untuk mendapatkan koleksi ebook lainnya seputar islam, muslim dan dapat didownload gratis, silahkan kunjungi.

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Retrieved 12 December Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Abu Bakr spent full one year in fighting against the Ahl-er-Ridda and the false Prophets.

Ali was the last to remain in Mecca, entrusted with responsibility for settling any loans the Muslims had taken, and famously slept in the bed of Muhammad when the Quraysh led by Ikrima attempted to murder Muhammad as he slept. Philippine Congress moves a step closer to expanding Islamic banking.

Bagus rated it liked it Nov 27, He was always there beside Muhammad at every major event. Umar, desperate to prevent the Ansar declaring Saad ibn Ubada to be the caliph, offered to pledge allegiance to Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah despite the previous pledges of allegiance of the Muslims, including Umar, to Ali. Buku “Biografi Abu Bakar Ash-Shidiq” ini, benar-benar menghadirkan kebesarannya dalam ruang kehidupan, menyingkap kecerdasannya, mengutarakan kemuliaan dan kezuhudannya, menampilkan kedermawanannya.

Biografi Abu Bakar Ash-Shidiq by Ali M. Sallabi

A few days later Malik bin Auf the commander, came to Mecca and became a Muslim. Surah Tawbah, the ninth chapter of the Qur’an.


Afdalandriko rated it it was amazing Apr 09, Dedi Selamanya rated it liked it Nov 18, For more information or to contact an Oxford Sales Representative click here. Al Imama Wa’l Siyasa. Muhammad Hanif marked it as to-read Aug 27, Ali said that he had not come to replace Abu Bakr bakzr Amir-ul-Hajj, and that his only mission was to convey a special message to the people on behalf of Muhammad.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Contest of poems about Islam held in Tatarstan.

The weak amongst you shall be strong with me until I have secured his rights, if God wills; and the strong amongst you shall be weak with me until I have wrested from sirdiq the rights of others, if God wills.

Arise for your prayer, God have mercy upon you. Muhammad Al-Ayubi rated it liked it Apr 13, I asked my father whether Abu Bakr was the first of the Muslims. Sign up for My OBO.

Biografi Abu Bakar Ash-Shidiq

Similarly, Renard is a chapter in an edited volume of various hagiographies of Muslim figures that offers translation and commentary on Abu Bakr from a variety of Islamic sources. Islam for Nerds – Questions and Answers.

The enemy threw red hot scraps of iron on the testudo which made it ineffective. He has the distinction of purchasing the land for Al-Masjid al-Nabawi. Johan Indra rated it it was amazing Nov 29, Abu Bakr was a thin man with white skin.


One party came close to the entrance to the cave, but was unable to sight them. Furqan Aliyah rated it it was amazing Aug 24, Another version of the response to Khalid’s actions claims that Khalid did not order Malik’s execution but that his orders to the guards had been misunderstood, and that Abu Bakr accepted Khalid’s excuse.

Biography Of the first Muslim Caliph – Abu Bakr Siddiq |

Regionalism and Rebellion in Yemen: Sanjaya Yasin marked it as to-read Apr 30, On 23 AugustAbu Bakr fell sick and did not recover. The Prophet’s MosqueMadinah. Ten companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Sisdiq Muslim employed catapults to throw stones in the town, but this did not lead to any tangible results. Lutfi Annisa Rizki rated it liked it Feb 16, Khaybar had eight fortresses; the strongest and most well-guarded fortress was called Al-Qamus.

Mohamed Shaban rated it liked it Dec 05, I know you are the same people who had raised the same question about his father. In Medina, after the Farewell Pilgrimage and the event of Ghadir Khumm and shortly before his death, Muhammad ordered an army under the command of Usama bin Zayd.