Patrick Kelly’s (pages 6 – 49). Bob Boyce Catalytic H20 Sealed Series Cell Design. Cell Box with Toroid and controller. High-Voltage Series Cells. BOB BOYCE, Hydroxy Adventurer:: page 10 to 29from ” available at Bob Boyce has earned, and is deserving of everything that comes his way. Yes Bob the D9 document implies that you were able to produce.

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The rest is history as they say. You will receive a new password via e-mail. I am put off by the necessary reservoir of explosive gas and the problem of damage to the engine from the increased explosion in the combustion chamber. Allow 2 weeks to ship, authorization of Credit card first, then your account is charged on day of shipment.

So we have to imagine that the pulsed waveforms on the three secondaries are supposed to have some control of the current in the primary. boycr

In case of such claim, e-mail “info hydrogengarage. The result of all these refinements is that when the water is split, the bias voltage keeps it from recombining, and H molecules have plenty of electrons to absorb, preventing the two Hs from joining.

This could be done by grit blasting, but if that method is chosen, great care must be taken that the grit used does not contaminate the plates. Obviously, the plates need to be kept in the same direction when being slotted into the case. Then we are warned that this can cause surges of up to “10, amps of current”. Bob also boyec out bov his grade stainless steel electrodes contain both molybdenum and nickel which act as catalysts which promote the breakdown of water into gases. Contradictions from other “researchers” In the process of looking for information, it became obvious just how hard it is to get to some of it.

Increasing fuel burning efficiency, however you do it, will lead to an increase in gas mileage.

BOB BOYCE new small cell 8 LPM

If this is what you are looking for We would be happy to send you additional information. The Hex Controller has automatic tuning. A real man boycs admit his own mistakes.


They can’t, or they will give you a ridiculous answer “Oh it’s swamp gas? I have tried to correct them for years and have simply given up on these continued misquotes. We see that an inverter is needed to raise the voltage up to a level where each electrolysis cell will have about 1.

We still have “F” version at Hydrogen Garage Store. Sat Jun 10, I was too tired to respond last night when I first read that, but it did make x9 chuckle. I was thanking you for posting it. Booyce bit of misinformation about SS appears on page 17, in the paragraph above the illustration. May 16, 5, 8.

And the materials to be used are collected together, namely the tape, the wire, the beeswax and the heat gun: See the ” ether ” on a oscilloscope screen.

The system, comes fully assembled and ready to mount on the truck. Assuming that the board now available is revision G, how and why is it different? I was very pleased to learn he boyve useing volts DC. They should be set so that their tips are at the intended surface level of the electrolyte.

Bob Boyce and the PWM3G

If you order online using a credit card, your purchase will first be authorized, then charged on day of shipment. Search Member List Calendar Help. Every winding is created in this way and the quality of workmanship is very important indeed when making these windings.

Some may be due to poor proofreading, but the overall misinformation seems more deliberate than coming from simple enthusiasm overriding fact checking.

Also, how much other parts and costs will the installation require after purchasing the cell? I discovered that with the right frequencies, I was able to generate monoatomic hydrogen and oxygen, which when recombined, produces about 4 times the energy output of normal diatomic hydrogen and oxygen molecules since the process of combustion does not have to break apart the molecules first before recombining into water vapor.

In answer to the question on gas volume, yes, the volume increased dramatically during resonance, while current draw went way down. Hello and sorry for the delay. And the materials to be used are collected together, namely the tape, the wire, the beeswax and the heat gun:. Information about materials 4. Stan Meyer used a torroidal ferrite ring for his transformer.


This is done by adding small amounts of the potassium hydroxide to water held in a container. Stanley Meyer also ran his Volkswagen car for four years on the gas produced by splitting water. Another scam artist, Stanley Meyer, discovered that his effect took place at something more like 6 KHz from www.

I might want to know this, although the explaination is not believable for the device in the first place. I think the limiting factor on those early 60 cell designs was the amount of gas that could evolve out of solution and come out of the chamber given the plate area being blocked by the bubbles.

The board in the metal case is a revision F board, but what is the one above it? This electrode material or that. The output should show brief current glitches of some small magnitude. You will notice that Bob defeats the Faraday maximum output by careful construction of the electrolyser, plus v9 apparently simple electronics board and one apparently simple transformer.

“Free Energy” scams discussed

I vote for the mag amp, as a saturable reactor uses a DC current to control the AC output. This bov likely to be the source of information for the majority of us. The “phase-differential induced eddy currents” warned about are creatures of the imagination as far as solid versus stranded wire is concerned.

After identifying the cause of this unusual burst of horsepower, I set out to find ways to intentionally create this reaction.

They also speak of producing hydrogen at a rate of “1 p. A device like this is not a toy, and it demonstrates the incredible level of free-energy which can be tapped by quite simple devices if you know what you are doing. While that system is very effective, allowing high speed driving and considerable range on one tank of hydrogen gas, boyxe is not a true Hydrogen-On-Demand system where water is the only fuel.