Featuring two highly evolved channels, capable of clean tones that shimmer like icicles in the deep of winter moonlight and tube saturation that is so rich and. SHIVA MANUAL – Bogner . UBERSCHALL TWIN JET MANUAL – Bogner Bogner Alchemist User Manual – Revision C – Download BOGNER SHIVA SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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This gets less effective the higher the Gain is set but still noticeable if turned all the way up.

Siva Boogie

The Mode button if pushed in will give a more aggressive in your face feel. If you want to experiment with different tubes the first 3 tubes are the most noticeable ones, soundwise.

Contact the factory for details. As bognrr, you must have the amp under load from a speaker cab or load box or damage may occur. Bogner shiva and Acstacy Service Bogner shiva manual pdf.

This was the only sihva to have a boost function on this channel with the original unboosted tone preserved.

Unlike the tone stack bypass boost on the other Shiva model this boost has a separate gain stage which brings this channel into Plexi territory shivva boost is engaged. The Master Volume and Presence work on both Channels. If the Main fuse blows it could be just a voltage peak from your power outlet. Some people may not need to use their footswitch because they only need one channel to play thru. This is the 80watt EL34 version.


If you plug into the send you tap the signal of the Pre Amp and you could also send it to a botner device, mixer or another power amp etc.

On older Shivas if you don’t connect the footswitch only the Clean Channel 1 can be accessed, read further below on how to activate the High Gain channel 2 if not using a footswitch.

The gain channel features higher gain and a slightly more refined type of gain.

It would not be necessary to return the signal back into the amp. With the Bright switch pushed in you get a brighter more open sound. If you want to use an instrument level floor Effect unit or if your line level dhiva Effect unit is too sensitive for the hot send signal, you can use our special built in Boost Amp.

Bogner Shiva Amp Owner’s Manual – Synergy Guitars

If you would like to use the Shiva as a “Power Amp” only with other manufactures Preamps, plug your external preamps output into the “Power Amp In” Input jack on the back panel, located near the Effects Loop section. Best to keep low at higher volumes.

Y ou can only use ONE loop send at manjal time. If you hook up only one cabinet, the impedance ohm value of amp and cabinet should match: The Loop circuit is always in the sound chain even if nothing is hooked up to it. The tone controls stay in the circuit and affect the sound.


The Bogner Shiva Head with Reverb tube guitar amplifier head packs a mabual of punch into a very portable package that sounds great Shiva Series Bonger Manual Oct 15, – Hi everybody, I have finally found a rig that I am really satisfied with.

Other brands may work but it’s risky because of the high plate voltage we use. A power amp dampening control was added located on the back panel. Bogner shiva manual Bogner shiva manual Link: Subject to shia, depending on availability on Speakers.

Do not touch tube sockets with fingers? Speakers The 1×12″ combos made prior to Juneare loaded with a Celestion Classic 80 8 ohm speaker. Featuring two highly evolved channels, capable of clean tones that shimmer like. If you own a combo unplug the internal speaker and hook shivq an external speaker cabinet to make sure it’s only the amp which is faulty.

The footswitch jacks are located on the back panel. We decided not to do this because we like the open sound of the amp if you don’t use the reverb. The EL 34 Model has one 16 and two 8 ohm speaker outputs the transformer has an internal 4 ohm tap also, so the outputs could be wired to 8 4 4 or 16 8 4 ohms if you wanted your amp customized.