Net with C# by Vijay Mukhi, Suraj Godhwani, Sonal Mukhi – free book at building Web applications, setup and deployment projects, the basics of C#, the C#. This is our second book on C# so we have assumed that you have read our first book, ‘C# – The Basics’. It contains a lot more on the C# language that we could. : C#: The Basics (Second Edition): This book presupposes no prior Programming Knowledge on the part of the readers. We start from the very.

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C# the Basics – Vijay Mukhi, Sandeep Shanbhag, Sonal Mukhi – Google Books

The grand design, as it were, is to change the very nature of the way people work presently. Indeed, technology is ruthless, in that, it breaks across all age and seniority barriers.

So in our books, we go step-by-step vijwy systematically because that is the way one teaches in real-life.

For existing technologies evolve with their own pros and cons. For all our needs. For we don’t believe that intellect is a quality that we are born with.

But when it comes to keeping it, Lady Luck is powerless. Soon, all we shall be using would be only the Internet. This is a book, a medium, which we hope will do the serious job of teaching the reader a new programming language. Thanks to my cover designers, Altaf Hemani and Kishore Rohrafor designing the cover in a very short notice. Genius vimay not, unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.


For we firmly believe that if basif do the little things well enough, big things will come to you asking to be done. The task is enormous: Normally, whenever a new product is introduced, it betters the technologies of its ilk.

However, it is our considered belief that that C would be in a sense better than the rest. The book is written assuming no prior programming knowledge on the part of the readers. Then of course there are other utility tools like Excel, Word and Power Point – all Microsoft-owned and near-indispensable. Today, C is king of the hill, but we don’t know how long it will last.


It is with reason, and there’s nothing wrong in doing so. Simple arithmetic – Java was launched only in ‘ Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. In fact this is the only assumption we make in this book. To, Pradeep Mukhi and Shivanand Shettywho made it simple for me and my co-authors to come up with the book. That’s the reason why even a teenager nukhi have as much experience with a new technology as a year-old.

We hope you belong to the former category. And there is a reason for this. Anyone wanting to be on the cutting edge of new technology. We hope you grab it with both hands!

We have read a lot on what Microsoft and others have written, and wherever we liked the idea, bj simply copied it. The secret is in persistence – nothing in the world can take place of persistence.

Imagine those who worked on Java when it was launched six years ago. Tue, the entire C software is available on the Microsoft site, downloadable free of charge. Netscape was way ahead in the race, and Internet Explorer was a distant follower, almost nowhere in the reckoning. Windows Operating System, Microsoft has always managed to rewrite the rules in the computer world. It is the secret of success given to us by an old gypsy baslc. If and when the king is dethroned, we will be there paying our respects to the new king.

Although, Netscape isn’t history as yet, most people would rather use a browser that works better with the latest versions of Windows. Now, the mere fact that you are reading this means that you are interested in learning something new. Similarly, if you get into C today, only a Microsoft engineer could have more working knowledge of it! Internet Explorer literally chooses itself. It contains yhe lot more on the C language that we could not cover in the first one.


Thanks to Manish Purohit for vijsy in all the time he had to verifying the code with the explanation, testing all the applications in the book and updated them to work under the Release version of the product.

Education will not, the world is full of educated derelicts.

This is our second book on C so we have assumed that you have read our first book, ‘C – The Basics’. Today a CV boasting of a six-year experience in Java means the maximum possible. If you like an idea in this volume, please do the same. But then that is another story altogether. When people talk of computer programming languages, there is always a debate on which one is better. However, we make bazic other assumptions that we shall explain now. A long list of friends and my family need a mention here for b patience and cooperation on this book while it was being written.

Visual Studio.Net with C# by Vijay Mukhi, Suraj Godhwani, Sonal Mukhi

Therefore, inwhen Sun introduced Java, it took the best from amongst all languages and added current technology. Naviya Nair 19 January at Precisely the reason why some people do not recognise opportunity – it often comes disguised as hard work. I wish to thank a number of people who gave me support, new ideas and. Now Microsoft has done the same. You just cannot eat it all at once, can you?