Calyptranthes grandifolia is an accepted name. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Calyptranthes (family Myrtaceae). The record. Calyptranthes grandifolia in Mart. Go To Encyclopedia of Life Family: Myrtaceae. Calyptranthes grandifolia image. Web Links. Encyclopedia of Life. Calyptranthes grandifolia (Myrtaceae) ethanolic extract inhibits TNF-α gene expression and cytokine release in vitro. Article (PDF.

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Calyptranthes mammosa Lundell Calyptranthes mangiferifolia Hance ex Walp. Legrand Calyptranthes restingae M.

Liogier Puerto Rico mountainbay Calyptranthes acunae A. Berg Calyptranthes pohliana Calyptdanthes. Liogier Calyptranthes guineensis Willd. Calyptranthes pyrifolia Blume Calyptranthes quinoensis J. Berg Calyptranthes blanchetiana O. Calyptranthes calderonii Standley Calyptranthes calophylla Urb. Berg Calyptranthes langsdorffi Berg Calyptranthes langsdorffii O.

Molina Calyptranthes zuzygium Blanco Myrtle-of-the-river. Liogier Woodbury’s lidflower Calyptranthes yaquensis Urb. The bark is smooth to scaly and pale-white in color. Berg Calyptranthes scoparia O.


Neotropical Plant Portal – Calyptranthes grandifolia

Legrand Calyptranthes rostrata Blume Calyptranthes rotundata Griseb. Legrand Calyptranthes rufa O. Calyptranthes mayana Lundell Calyptranthes mayarensis A. Borhidi Calyptranthes mirabilis J. Berg Calyptranthes boldinghii Urb.

Calyptranthes grandifolia – Useful Tropical Plants

Retrieved from ” https: Berg Calyptranthes cumini Pers. Liogier Las Cuevas mountainbay Calyptranthes eugenioides Cambess. Muniz Calyptranthes acutissima Urb.

Calyptranthes laxiflora Blume Calyptranthes leonis A. Berg Calyptranthes polyneura Urb.

Calyptranthes williamsii Standley Calyptranthes wilsonii Griseb. Borhidi Calyptranthes amarulenta B.

Berg Calyptranthes angustifolia Kiaersk. Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Berg Calyptranthes cordifolia Moon Calyptranthes corymbosa C. Mattos Calyptranthes decandra Griseb. They have simple, opposite, evergreen leaves and clusters of small flowers lacking petals. Berg Calyptranthes lateriflora DC.

Calyptranthes grandifolia

Two new species of Calyptranthes Myrtaceae from Ecuador. Berg Calyptranthes myrcioides Urb. Berg Calyptranthes strigipes O.