7 Results Buy CAT D, CAT D, CAT D, CAT D at – Page 1 of 1. View updated Caterpillar Crawler Loader specs. Get dimensions, size, weight, detailed specifications and compare to similar Crawler Loader models. At that point, a formal introduction was “coming soon” for a D-Series version of the Caterpillar , the largest crawler loader model on the.

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Single Grouser Track Aggressive track for good chopping action in debris.

Ripper Package Includes three curved shanks parallelogram ripper with replaceable caterplllar, and protection grill and steps to climb on the machine by the ripper. The steel mill package protects the D and its operator against extreme conditions to allow the machine to handle hot slag in steel mill operations.

Your Cat dealer can provide you with an understanding of the effects application characteristics and operating techniques have on maintenance and operating costs. Electro-Hydraulic Implements Controls The new electro hydraulic implement controls provide the operator with responsive, smooth and precise control of bucket and lift arms.

Front Caterpollar Guard 3 A front idler guard blocks material from affecting the yoke, link, recoil rod and idler in the drive train.

Choosing this option when purchasing the caetrpillar will add the convenience of quick evacuation for engine oil and sediment flushing of the fuel tank. Operating and maintenance costs are influenced by many application and site-specific factors, such as: Any details count, and a single track shoe can make the difference. Debris-Resistant Air Conditioner Condenser The air conditioning system is designed so that the air inlet is protected from falling debris. Messenger The D comes standard with Cat Messenger, providing real-time machine performance and diagnostic data.


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Caterpillar 973 Crawler Loader

The Steel Mill Arrangement provides the best protection available for this extremely difficult application. Operators enjoy greater visibility around the machine fostering greater confidence and safety. Convenient Service Features All service points are accessible from ground daterpillar on the right side of the engine.

It was very clear that those folks are very passionate about their usage of track loaders. Prevention See more While guarding will protect most of the machine from impact loads, additional protection is needed to keep smaller particles from clogging air circulation around and to the engine.

Two, variable-displacement, slipper-type axial piston pumps Two, variable-displacement, slipper-type axial piston pumps.

Waste Handling Packages – For your convenience, Caterpillar offers two waste handling guarding packages. This bucket is designed for easy loading in stockpile or hard bank materials. A three-point seat belt is retractable keeping it clean and 75 mm 3 in wide for comfortable restraint.

However, it’s not only harsh-application caterpullar or the traditional basement diggers who can benefit from the crawler loader, but any operator who accepts “how productive they can be with this big skid-steer caterpilpar says Cusac’s colleague Nebergall, who uses the compact loader reference quite deliberately.

All those features help increase loader productivity throughout its life. Three Questions with Michel Marchand. Designed to keep the operator safe from debris that could break the windshield. In high-hour applications, pausing to fuel can be a drain on productivity. Caterpillar and your Dealer can caterpil,ar you remanufactured parts, customer service agreements and rebuild options.


Dealer expert technicians have the knowledge, experience, training and tooling necessary to handle your repair and maintenance needs, when and where you need them.

Cat | D Waste Handler Track Loader | Caterpillar | Caterpillar

Cat equipment is designed and built to provide maximum productivity and operating economy throughout its working life. Additional Solutions Other custom solutions can be designed to address your specific need. Lift Cylinder Lines and Position Sensor Guard 4 Protects the lift cylinder, hydraulic lines and position sensor harness from mud and waste.

This particular design distributes those stresses over wider areas for longer structural life. On-Demand Fan This system offers numerous benefits, including better cooling performance, reduced plugging, enhanced cold weather operation and improved fuel economy. Its design also delivers strength and durability with excellent control and unmatched ease of operation. Parallelogram Ripper The multi shank parallelogram ripper adds extra versatility and force to expand the machine’s range of applications.

Please fix the errors below to continue. Add a ripper to assist with haul road maintenance and loosen cover material. Large doors give you an exceptional access to filters and service points. The standard programmable automatic kickouts provide flexibility and productivity for precise load and dump target heights.

Used Caterpillar 973 loaders

Electronics within the cylinder allow the hydraulic system to be linked into the machine’s electronics. Convenience Optional transmission joystick see bottom RHS picture offers low effort control of machine direction. The system contains 1.