Volume Two of the series—The Clubbell Training Black Book—deals specifically with Clubbell. 4×7 programs. Weʼve crammed it full of 10 months worth of. Download Clubbell Training Black Book. Description. Download Clubbell Training Black Book Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. Ads by Amazon. The Big Book of Clubbell Training (PDF)- Please Note: The Big Book of Clubbell Training is Available Only in a PDF (digital) format! Throughout world history the.

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Coach Sonnon’s work has touched tens of thousands of fitness enthusiasts from clubbekl walks of life, including professional athletes, doctors, trainers, actors, coaches, and health and fitness specialists. Victoria November 25, Reply.

Clubbell Training Black Book

John December 29, Reply. John June 5, Reply. I spent a year working with a pair of 5 lb mini clubbells and it was time and training well-spent. My first purchase was a pair of mini-clubbells that I spent a year using before I was fully convinced that it would be worth the investment to upgrade. John June 17, Reply.

The Complete Clubbell Review | Physical Living

Also i tried to add a fat gripz to the handle. Thanks for your detailed comment and for your kind words. I would describe myself as moderately athletic and strong from free weight training and kettlebell lifting— I swing a 70lb KB with two hands for reps, a 44 for reps with 1 hand and can snatch a 53lb KB. How different it is related to clubbells? SteveinFL January 1, Reply. Annular grooves would be an interesting experiment.


I recently started reading your reviews and have been interested in getting into kettlebell, indian club, and clubbell training. Is there any benefit doing this? Your reviews and info on the clubbells are great, John — very much appreciated. So, now you know why I fully endorse and recommend the clubbell.

The design and refinement of this revolutionary fitness paradigm continues to evolve through the efforts of Coach Sonnon and his personally certified cadre of instructors and coaches numbering in the hundreds worldwide. We live, work, and play in three dimensions, and our training should reflect and enhance this. Learn more about it in my complete product review here: Once I got the clubs the features seemed completely wrong.

The Complete Clubbell Review

Gregorio Gomez December 23, Reply. Preview the Index View Sample Exercise. It would take a very concentrated effort, along with a tailored nutritional program to even create a possibility for that — not to mention some powerful drugs.


Although, some light Indian clubs would fit the bill just as well for most intents and purposes at least initially. Grip strength has vastly increased.

I added a 20 and 25 lb clubbell. Jason February 21, Reply. As a final note — you do look very good at using the clubbell, so please accept this as a compliment — and positive criticism not negative. John February 20, Reply. That might be reason enough to also invest in a heavier clubbell instead blqck a more expensive instructional program.

We were using pound pre-cut concrete pavers. Michael December 28, Reply. You are correct in that a longer tool of the same weight will produce a greater leverage disadvantage when gripped and more torque when swung, which will result in a more challenging exercise.

I have not used them myself, but a few of my colleagues have recommended them. Back when I first learned of clubbells, I was a fresh out-of-college, soon-to-be married personal trainer cllubbell very little disposable income.