Constantin Schifirneţ . Sociologie Românească 2(3): – . Schifirneţ, C ( a) The mass media and tendentious modernity in the. La Corresponding author: Constantin Schifirnet¸, Faculty of Communication Sciences and Public Relations, Vlăsceanu L () Sociologie si modernitate. Constantin Schifirnet . The European countries are regarded as transition Schifirneţ / The Europeanization of the .. Sociologie românească, Vol. VII, 4, pp .

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In fact, today, we witness a concentration, a spatial organization of the elites in special structures.

Constantin Schifirneţ

Contsantin tendential modernity explains the direction towards Europeanization in the context in which the Romanian society has experienced a succession of transitions, none of them finalized. Tendential modernity moves slowly and with difficulty through the intricate network of socio-institutional structures of the patriarchal and traditional society.

It must be said that the enlargement of the European Union materialized in the association of countries with different levels of economic and social development and, therefore, the European Community has taken over all the problems resulting from the disparities between its members.

Modernity produced by the state Throughout its history, the Romanian state has given priority to national construction, and the problems related to economic and social schifirent were postponed or subor- dinated to the national issue.

The patriarchal life-style is not affected by the modern legislative regulations. It is impossible to go into all the causes of the evolution of the Romanian economy, but we can invoke as a witness the way in which the social internal actors, beginning with short-lived progress in several economic sectors, rush to present statistical data and explanations to prove that Romania is getting closer to the level of the developed coun- tries.

The two Principalities were unified inbut under Ottoman suzerainty; while independence from the Ottoman Empire would be gained in and recognized by the Treaty of Berlin in In a society with a tendential moder- nity, like Romania, political power is the main way to gain economic power, while in countries with a structured modernity, economic power serves to gain political power.


Castells M The Information Age: Studiu economico-sociologic al problemei noastre agrare [Neo- Serfdom: Sincehe has conducted several academic studies on the impact of mass communication cinstantin public opinion formation. Its modernizations consist always and only of tenden- cies. Transitions to reflexive modernity]. Acumularea decalajelor economice — [Romania and Europe: The working migration in other EU member states is based not on the level of incomes but on the experiences related to the workplace.

The predominant attitude is one of general suspicion of the actions, ideas and efficiency of active, echifirnet and performance-oriented individuals or groups. The concept of tendential modernity refers to the idea that modernity is inconsistent and slow.

Constantin Schifirneț – Wikipedia

A local problem of the Europeanization has appeared and it is different from the theme of the general Europeanization. Accumulation of economic disparities, —]. This has served the interests of some bureaucratic groups. But a lot of traditional elements had outlived the new capitalist political-juridical organism from Romanian society. Tendential modernity advances slowly and laboriously through the intricate network of socio-institutional struc- tures of the traditional and patriarchal Romanian society.

One example of this effect is the adoption of all regulations deriving from the European Aquis. For the first time in their history, all Downloaded from ssi.

The Europeanization emphasizes another type of identity, the European identity centred on common values for the entire space of the European Union. Fausto B Estado novo no contexto internacional.

Constantin Schifirneț

Because of the multiple processes experienced by the European Union, in the study of European realities, a distinction between European integration and Europeanization is necessary.

There are also situations of modernization generated from the bases of Romanian society. Although a political and legal institutional framework has been established, based constabtin on European legislation and norms, I have to say that consgantin foundations of capitalist and democratic development scbifirnet still precarious in Romanian society today.

Therefore it has been admitted that as regards the development level and implicitly of modernization, in Romania was at a level of 1: Since it has no clear dominant form, it is a mosaic modernity. The Romanian public space experiences a rhetoric of progress which encourages the belief that there has been a leap in economic development.


In fact it is the same situation as in modernity. In time, with several agreements with EC, the commercial exchanges were facilitated. Conclusions Tendential modernity is a universal phenomenon; it also appears in states with a well- structured, functional modernity. Due to the rapid succession of transitions, Romanian elites have had continually to create alternatives to the old ideologies and political regimes. Certainly, the Europeanization has been examined during the XX century but, after the fall of the communism it received new meanings, as one of the most important problems in the new European context remains the adequacy of the internal institutional framework of each member state of the EU to the community norms.

In reality, the development strategy of the communists did not decrease the gap with other countries; on the contrary, it increased the lag. It was estimated that Romania would benefit from 60 billion dollars in invest- ments, and the result would be a considerable development of constantiin country.

The changes produced sociologue created the framework for Romania to continue relations with the European Economic Community, but in a different political and geopolitical context. Repesando o Estado Novo. The fall of the communist sociologei has created huge and unimagined hopes, many of sockologie being pressed intensely on a deeply frustrated population, because of several privations imposed in the period before Is the modernity distinctively a Western project in terms of the ways of life fostered by these two great transformative agencies?

The communist regime declared Romania a developing country, a phase fonstantin had to be brought to an end by means of an extended program of industrialization. It is an inlay modernity, not structured under a clear and dominant form.