David Schnarch. · Rating details · 2, ratings · reviews. Passionate Marriage is recognized as the pioneering book on intimate human relationships. PASSIONATE MARRIAGE: Keeping Love & Intimacy Alive in Committed In Passionate Marriage, Dr. David Schnarch organizes fourteen chapters into three . Passionate Marriage: Sex, Love, and Intimacy in Emotionally Committed Relationships By David Schnarch, Ph. D. Norton, pp. ISBN

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And there are many different ways in which that comes up with us as well.

Now, it’s interesting that you use the word “integrity. David, in your work on passionate marriage, you talk about the cornerstone of a passionate marriage as something you call, “differentiation. That said, I can’t recall ever reading a book the way I read this one.

Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships

When you’re doing the safety and security attachment-type stuff, it sort of pitches marriages as safe wombs where you’re never disturbed, you’re always comfortable, psssionate your partner never asks you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

It’s not just some idle or abstract idea. Actually, it’s more like a helix, where you return to the same point but at a higher level as your level of differentiation is increasing. And they know that you’re not thinking like you usually do. Now here is the really critical question, I think, for this work on passionate marriage: Does it leave us feeling understood and appreciated and loved and nurtured?

Still not sure what to do with that. So by offering “hugging to relax” with your partner, it does so many things at once.

Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships by David Schnarch

I’m so thankful I found it now, because I will be growing upon this foundation for the rest of my life. They are worried about “being abandoned. He explains why and how self-validation wanting your partner but not needing them to validate you is necessary if we want to grow as individuals and couples. And if you can’t take that hit, then you will do what many of us do, which is withdrawal from your partner as you get older so that by the time that they’re dead, the loss isn’t that great.


But it’s still inherently relational because the human self is basically relational, and the human self, which schnarh about 1.

Dr. David Schnarch

But for those willing to put the philosophy into practice, I suspect their relationships would change for the better. The Four Points of Balance, which is our way of looking at differentiation, are, what we call solid flexible self which is the first one, the ability to have solid values that you can both hang onto and change over time.

Yet, both are very useful, and shed some fascinating light on romantic relationships, even if they are somewhat impossible to integrate let’s be honest, mrriage And that, much to my chagrin, pushes me to acknowledge what I have not been up to now. David Schnarch accompanies his inspirational message of attaining long-term happiness with proven techniques Passionate Marriage is recognized as the pioneering book on intimate human relationships.

But why don’t I hold onto myself as you passionahe onto me and we’ll give it a go and see where it goes? It is not really about sex–at least not for its own sake–but looks at sex as the “crucible” in which a lot of emotional issues are worked out. Most of the time I find the books useless, if not harmful.


The beginning and end of the film ‘Love Actually’, there were shots of people greeting each other with warm love and expectations. It’s a very, very pragmatic process, and it really, really works.

In the work I’ve done helping others with their relationships, I’ve had the opportunity to read plenty of self-help books on relationships. I had this paradoxical reaction of, on the one hand, being angry at her, and on the other hand, having more and more demonstration that Ruth was the kind of person I wanted to have a baby with if I was going to have it with anybody. Thank God Passionate Marriage came into our hands when it did.

Intense, blunt, enlightening, inspiring. The ones who try to keep a stiff upper lip, they are too rigid and they fracture. Let it hit you. We’re not in the morality business. It turns out that stability in an emotionally committed relationship resides in the individual’s ability to hold onto themselves.

And the hallmark of truly being an adult and also truly being a spiritual person is the ability to hold on through difficult times. You said, “Human beings like monogamy” and I had a moment where I thought, well, is that true?

Passionate Marriage : Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships

We just built on it, but that is really the core of that passionte. It isn’t just our pain and the fact that our relationship is lousy that will do it. Showing of reviews.