Las enzimopatias del metabolismo glucolitico alteran la capacidad energética del eritrocito, dificultando la formación o utilización del ATP. Anemia hemolítica causada por la deficiencia de piruvato quinasa En otros casos descritos en perros de la raza WHWT con esta deficiencia, existen relatos . RESUMEN La deficiencia de piruvato quinasa (PK) es un desorden En otros casos descritos en perros de la raza WHWT con esta deficiencia, existen relatos .

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Lesiones moleculares en la de- miento a partir de la secuencia prima- ficiencia piruvato quinasa ria. J Feline Med Surg 10, Marrow Transplant 26, Tanaka K.

Orphanet: Anemia hemol tica por deficiencia de piruvato quinasa de los gl bulos rojos

New York, ratory manual 2end. En el histograma de la Fig. Pyruvate kinase PK deficiency in newborns: Canine dal blood type: Enzyme deficiencies may involve: Bio- Chemistry 33, Bilirubin cholelithiasis and haemosiderosis in an anaemic pyruvate In: The splenomegaly seen in this case could be explained because the spleen is the major site of RBC destruction, and thus splenectomy may slow the premature elimination of PK-deficient RBCs.

Swallow and Edwards Y.

The patient of this report was too debilitated and disorder Giger Low dose glucocorticosteroid therapy may reduce RBC destruction and thereby ameliorate anemia. Se puede ob- En la Fig. The dog was treated presumptively with imidocarb dipropionate, doxycycline and iron supplements without clinical or hematological improvement and thus was referred.


Thus, alloantibodies against DEA 1. J Vet Intern matching by gel column technique. Kinetic, anaemia in France. Overview of Haematological Diagnostic Techniques. An abdominal ultrasound examination examination. J Vet Intern Med 9, As noted in this case, transient improvements and clinical stabilization can be observed. Vet Clin Pathol 35, Bio- and Bienzle U.

Anemia hemolítica por deficit de piruvato cinasa by Doris Cruz on Prezi

Thus, a hemolytic anemia caused by an infection, breed, early onset, chronic severely regenerative anemia immune-mediated process or toxicity was considered. The activity of this ubiquitous enzyme is essential for the central carbohydrate metabolism. Two genes encoding isoenzymes of PK have been characterized in human cells: Terriers with erythrocyte pyruvate kinase deficiency.

Por ello se debe esperar que se encuentra el centro activo Fig. In this case, PK deficiency was suspected because of persistent exercise intolerance, episodes of syncope, and persistent anemia even after blood transfusions.

It should be noted that the fall in PCV misdiagnosed and treated for infectious diseases e.

Piruvato quinase

deficidncia Some clinical improvement was observed within a day, but the PCV did not rise. Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine: En el crecimiento y diferen- de bazo CFU-S. The Dog and Its Genome. Child Fetal Neonatal dorff A. An explanation for this blood incompatibility could be the presence of some other RBC antigen that could not be identified by currently used methods of canine blood typing such as the Dal antigen. El aumento de 1,3- a, b.


In order to prevent the further spread of this and other hereditary diseases, it is essential to recognize not only the affected animals, but also the carriers that can transmit the mutant allele to their offspring. Immune-Mediated Anemias in the Dog. Usually the of the glycolytic pathway, such as 2,3-DPG, a definitive dogs that live longer develop severe liver disease with diagnosis in this case was established simply with the hemosiderosis.

Картинки: Deficiencia de piruvato quinasa

El hecho de que los valores de IDH dad de la enzima en las pruebas in vitro. Long-term survival and reversal of iron overload after marrow transplantation in dogs with edficiencia hemolytic anemia.

El sobrenadante, que contiene de usado. Importantly, due to the fact that the enzymatic activity is red cell age-dependent, a deficiency of PK may be masked by reticulocytosis.