Die Stadt Der Traumenden Bucher [Walter Moers] on Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Roman (German Edition) and millions of other books. Start reading Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Roman (German Edition) on your to “Traumenden Buecher” and I would recommend reading “Blaubaer” first. Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Zamonien 4 (Audio Download): uk: Dirk Bach, Walter Moers, HörbucHHamburg HHV GmbH: Books.

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Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Bücher

Ist das Ding wirklich ein Zweiteiler? I’ll have to translate them for you guys because I wrote them down in German. Highly diie to anyone who loves books, as they’re really the heart of this story – both in terms of reading and writing them. Then the book ended. You just don’t like him!

Zamonien – Romane | Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher | Walter Moers

The traeumenren of the title are dreaming of being read, because that’s what brings them to life. Hildegunst von Mythenmetz as he’s called in Germanour protagonist, is a dinosaur coming to this city with a perfect manuscript in hand. Where do i even start?

Give it a chance you might find you really do like it. A sequel, The Labyrinth of Dreaming Bookshas been released, tareumenden Yarnspinner, now a best-selling author, receives a letter apparently from himself, and visits a rebuilt Bookholm in search of its origin.

Ich bin schwer beeindruckt und brauche dringend mehr Lesefutter von Herrn Moers: The books mentioned are the books I want to read.


It was a good story, but not what really start my attention. View all 4 comments. Once it has left an instrument it becomes its own master, a free and independent creature of sound, weightless, incorporeal and perfectly in tune with the universe.

Traveling to Bo It is now official, I have a new favorite author and series.

Weil es ein zweites Teil geben sollte kann ich ja nur hoffen dass dies dem Fall ist, aber ich frage mich wieso dieses erstes Teil geschrieben worden ist. These include but are not limited to:. Lists with This Book. Worse than that, I didn’t even like it.

The City of Dreaming Books

It feels like a gig Well. Ded that actually come to life. I knew within the first pages that this book would be going on my favourites shelf. In the movie that plays in my mind complete with smell-o-vision, I’ll have you knowI can see and hear each thing you describe so clearly.

It was okay but it could have been so, so, so much better. I know this is going to sound really silly, but this is the best book I’ve ever read.

There are some dangerous books that can actually kill you! Now I live vicariously through others, pondering how wonderful it would be to live fully in the land of books. Finde ich irgendwie armselig. There were times when I felt that the book would never end and I was so very bored. Optimus is a Lindworm, a race of literary dinosaurs, but it is in Rumo that we learn how the Lindworm Vest came to its end.


I’m not lying when I say that Walter Moers is a genius.

The City of Dreaming Books (Zamonia, #4) by Walter Moers

Refresh and try again. The book was tedious, the character was an drr, pompous lizard-writer and I abhored him, and his voice. I can see him growing up with these wild worlds constantly touching upon his reality. The world that this asshole, pompous lizard-writer was describing required all that detail.

I love that the famous authors in this story are often anagrams of well-known bards of the “real” world. The list of fictional authors, anagramming the names of historical authors, rie or repeats in the sequel, expanded therein to include musicians and artists. I was missing this small detail at the audio version of the first book. The book is full of wacky humour, and ddie crazy and whimsical enough that it may be dismissed as silly by people who expect novels to be Serious and Devoted To Being Great Art.

I can only imagine what kind of imagination he has. The writing is also amazing. It’s how things are in the world of the book and it doesn’t seem at all forced, preachy or cutesy. This is fantasy like no other has been written. This is actually what I traeumenven of most of all while reading this book.