Download Enciclopedia Plantelor Medicinale. Description. Download Enciclopedia Plantelor Medicinale Free in pdf format. Title, Mică enciclopedie de plante medicinale şi fitoterapie. Publisher, All, ISBN, , Length, pages. Export Citation. De la Wikipedia, enciclopedia liberă Valoarea terapeutică a plantelor medicinale are la bază relația dintre structura chimică a substanțelor active, numite și.

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Flora of Turkey and the east Aegean islands. The herb is alterative, antiscorbutic and diuretic.

Verbascum phoeniceum

Scrophulariaceae Species Veronica arvensis Taxonomy Kingdom: Liberty Hyde Bailey Plwntelor. Traista ciobanului — Capsella bur pastoris L. Traista ciobanului — Capsella bur pastoris L.

Biologically active substances The plant is poisonous, containing cardiostimulant compounds, such as adonidin and aconitic acid. Tei — Tilia cordata L. Tei — Tilia cordata L. Verigar — Rhamnus cathartica L. Capsule mm long, shorter than the calyx, compressed, obcordate, bilobat, with rounded lobes, with acute or obtuse deep notch at the base of a slightly wedge-shaped, ciliate on the edge, zhelezistoopushennaya.

Tei — Tilia cordata L. It is also used as a remedy for scrofulous affections, especially of the skin, and is bruised and applied externally for healing burns, ulcers, whitlows and the mitigation of painful piles. Roadsides and sites adjacent to gardens Adonis vernalis occasionally escapes from cultivation as an ornamental. Tonic, anti-inflammatory, stimulates the activity of the heart, intestinal peristaltic increases diuresis.

Volbura — Convolvulus arvensis L. Vasc — Viscum album L. Species Veronica arvensis Taxonomy Kingdom: As these plant extracts can be as effective as digitalis to treat cardiac problems and are not cumulative, they are now used in many proprietary medicines. Brush often multiflorous, apical, sometimes axillary brush, at first thick, and elongating in fruit and loose.


Atlasul plantelor medicinale din Romania (Gheorghe Mohan)

Isolated populations are found from Spain in the west across central and southern Europe, reaching southern Sweden in the north, with its main area of distribution being the Pannonian Basin and the West Siberian Plain.

Vetrice — Tanacetum vulgare L. In epigeous parts contain toxic cardiac glycosides similar to those of digitalis cymarine, adonitoxin, adonidoside, etc. Centers, institutes, research labs of medicinal plants http: New flora of the British Isles.

A number of medical products were produced from adonis in enclclopedia past but they have now been replaced by modern synthetic medicines. The flora of Canada, 4 vol. Tintaura — Centaurium umbellatum Gilib. Corsica]; Portugal; Spain Ecology Is common on glades, cultivated places, pastures, hay fields, on field road edges and crop zones.

Vetrice — Tanacetum vulgare L.

Traista ciobanului — Capsella bur pastoris L. Vasc — Viscum album L.

Verbascum phoeniceum » Plante Medicinale

Zmeur — Rubus idaeus L. Blooms in the early and mid-summer. Trei frati patati — Viola tricolor L. It is used in the treatment of scurvy, impurities of the blood etc.

Gathering place figure should medicinaoe increased. Diffusion area Adonis vernalis, known variously as pheasant’s eye, spring pheasant’s eye, yellow pheasant’s eye and false hellebore, is a perennial flowering plant found in dry meadows and steppes in Eurasia.

It is much less frequently encountered in the flora than the other two species of Adonis. The new Royal Horticultural Society dictionary of gardening.


Tintaura — Centaurium umbellatum Gilib. Thus, traditionally Adonis vernalis is used as a home herbal remedy for edema, cardiac dropsy and several other heart-related problems.

Species Adonis vernalis L. Tintaura — Centaurium umbellatum Gilib. Vetrice — Tanacetum vulgare L. Biologically active substances The plant contains aukubin, katalpol, saponins, verbastsenin, tannins, coumarins, plantlor C, hesperidin. Species Verbascum phoeniceum Taxonomy Kingdom: Stemscm at anthesis cm at fruiting time.

Fruit – egg-shaped capsule, mostly naked. Leaves alternate or opposite, including pairs of long, 20 mm, mm, cordate-ovate, entire, with veins, lower stem with a length of mm, upper almost sessile, gradually pass into bracts cauline leaves, whole, on the edge of the jagged or notched, obtuse, at base rounded or slightly cordate, glabrous or scattered pilose.

Therapeutic actions As diuretic, used medjcinale purification, cholesterol, prevents arteriosclerosis, stimulates digestion, reduces gastric acidity and excess intestinal secretions, it regulates bowel, hepatobiliary function help, combat anxiety, improves memory, reduced intellectual fatigue, improves circulation cerebralainlatura melancholy mood, depression, has action is effective in soothing dry chronic bronchitis, soothes cough, regenerating action, healing, anti-inflammatory, speeds healing.

Ecology Grows on hay fields, in orchards, uncultivated lands, glades and on road edges, near encicloepdia and, often, on dry soils. Albania; Bulgaria; Former Yugoslavia; Greece [incl. Zmeur — Rubus idaeus L.