The Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus) is one of the large number of perciform fishes in the family Serranidae commonly referred to as groupers. It is the. Overall body color of Epinephelus striatus varies from tawny to pinkish red, with five dark vertical bars. The third and fourth bars branch above. Epinephelus striatus. These large, oblong fish can change both color and gender , and live at the rocky reef bottom of tropical Western Atlantic.

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Humans are the primary predator of Nassau groupers, having greatly reduced populations of striayus species through commercial fishing. Lindsey Paretti – Blood Island. The maximum age reported for this fish is 16 years. Because they depend on symbiotic photosynthetic algae, zooxanthellae, they cannot live where light does not penetrate.

Adults are generally solitary, with the exception of spawning events when hundreds to thousands epinepyelus individuals were known to group together. In captive populations, maturity occurs much sooner, which has been attributed to more abundant food sources and less environmental stress. Ztriatus page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Nassau grouper biology Adults are generally solitary, with the exception of spawning events when hundreds to thousands of individuals were known to group together.

Retrieved from ” https: Life cycle and mating behavior Maturity Reproduction Spawning Eggs Fecundity Larvae Most males and females display a bicolored pattern during steiatus. Also characteristic of Nassau groupers is a large black spot at the base of the tail. Their population outlook is not optimistic. Hyporthodus acanthistius Rooster hind Hyporthodus darwinensis Darwin grouper Hyporthodus ergastularius Sevenbar grouper Hyporthodus exsul Tenspine grouper Hyporthodus flavolimbatus Yellowedge grouper Hyporthodus haifensis Haifa grouper Hyporthodus mystacinus Misty grouper Hyporthodus nigritus Warsaw grouper Hyporthodus niphobles Star-studded grouper Hyporthodus niveatus Snowy grouper Hyporthodus octofasciatus Eightbar grouper Hyporthodus perplexus Puzzling grouper Hyporthodus quernus Hawaiian grouper Hyporthodus septemfasciatus Convict grouper.


A large spawning site for the species is located at Glover’s Reefoff the Belizean coast. Groupers are protogynous hermaphrodites. Help us share the wonders of the natural world.

Nassau grouper – Wikipedia

The behaviour of massing in predictably located spawning aggregations has meant that these fish are easy targets, caught by hook and line, traps and spearguns 6. It is difficult to distinguish different species of grouper larvae from one another, since what information is known about egg and larval development is general. Biology Nassau grouper residing among the corals. Over a third of spawning aggregations have been estimated epinepgelus have disappeared, and the grouper is considered to be commercially extinct in some areas.

The spawning epinephelua that appear at the same site each year are easy targets for fishers.

Smithsonian Marine Station

Larvae Stage in an animal’s lifecycle after it hatches from the egg. It spawns in December and January, always around the time of the full moon, and always in the same locations. Except while spawning, Nassau groupers are a solitary predators that prefer to stay close to reefs, wrecks or other protective cover. Following a massive lobbying effort by conservationists, the Nassau grouper has finally received some of the protection it requires if epinepgelus are going to recover from past exploitation 3.

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Epinephelus striatus

The bases of the soft dorsal and anal fins are covered with scales and skin. Historically, the same sites are used and the triggers that cause individuals to arrive appear to be related to the full moon and the temperature of the water 5. Nassau groupers congregate once a year at the edge of reef shelves in shallow water to spawn.

Like other groupersNassau groupers are considered monandric protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning juveniles contain immature gonads for both genders and then directly mature as either male or female. Nassau grouper spawning aggregation. In addition to commercial fishing, this species also is a form of ecotourism.

Epinephelus striatus, Nassau grouper : fisheries, gamefish, aquarium

Given its size and habitat, Nassau groupers have few known predators. Sharks may occasionally attack groups of spawning Nassau groupers, and yellowtail snappers eat their eggs. Strixtus are favorite subjects of underwater photographers due to their zebra-like coloration. It is believed by some that the sex change is triggered when the fish aggregate in preparation for spawning. Marketed fresh, mostly between 2 to 10 kg Ref.

Recruitment in Nassau grouper Epinephelus striatus: Smallscaled grouper Epinephelus polylepis. Nassau groupers have been heavily fished and were once considered the most economically important fish of the Bahamas