Service manual for Epson Stylus Photo TX, TX, PX multifunction devices. Epson Stylus Photo TX Epson Stylus Pro and Pro Service Manual Epson Stylus Color PX TX TX Service Manual & Repair GuideEpson Stylus. [EPUB] Epson Stylus Photo Px Tx Tx Service Manual Repair Guide -. PDF Format. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can.

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Check the external device. When printer is initialized, the following actions are performed. ISO When both an exposure time and shutter speed information exist, the exposure time is printed.

Epson Stylus Photo TX650 Manuals

Remove the screws x6 that secure the Main Board Unit. Remove the Scanner Servide, the hinge area in the rear of the Scanner Unit first. Filling ink inside the printhead is automatically performed. Yes Connect the connector. Remove the torsion spring from the hooks of the Panel Unit and the Panel Lever.

Starting to print When the print settings on both the printer and the DSC is completed, follow the procedure below to start printing. Always wear gloves for disassembly and reassembly to avoid injury from sharp metal edges. How To Unlock The Manua, Menu Goes to the print setting menu screen.

Date and time information applied on DOS-compliant file system. Move the carriage to the middle area of the platen, and place 1. When disassembling each component, refer to the page indicated for the relevant component.


Epson Stylus Photo TX650/TX659/PX650 Service manual

Table The LED does not light up. A computer identifies the printer by the ID Enter the product serial number of the printer. Panel Key Test Revision C 7. Insufficient space on the backup device.

With ink left adhering to the joint area, the tube cannot be connected firmly and may come off easily. Message related to Ink 2 Ink cartridge cover is open. This menu is enabled only when the optional Bluetooth unit is connected.

Remove the USB driver, and install it again. The instructions and procedures included herein are intended for the experienced repair technicians, and attention should be given to the precautions on the preceding page.

CR measurement and PW sensor initialization Paper is fed normally Counterclockwise: Do not touch it with your bare hand. Open the scanner unit and close the ink cartridge cover. Check for the damaged Encoder FFC. If the carriage does not come in contact with the gauge, make the adjustment again.

Download Epson Stylus Photo TX/TX/PX Service manual. Epson Stylus Photo TX

When reading the counter value from the old main board is servicd in Set the counter to its maximum tx605 Touch Panel Operation Check Exclusion control Print settings made on both the DSC and the printer can become impossible settings for the printer due to unsupported combination of paper type, paper size and layout. Replace the Power Supply Board with a new one.

The mist sheet A and B may be deformed or damaged when once removed.

As the suitable volume is also designated based on evaluation result, avoid applying any undesignated volume. Repeat Copy Makes a specified number of copies of one document on a sheet of selected sized paper. The number is automatically assigned from in each folder of directory.


Load paper and press the Start button. Clean the Printhead surface with a cotton swab. Make a proper the gap between the paper and the Head Nozzle surface to the specified adjustment according to the result whether the manually-moved value. Perform disassembly and assembly with care not to damage the document table glass.

Take care that no grease adheres to any paper transport parts, such as the rollers or the Printhead, as it can adversely affect the print quality.

Do not use these screws holes x3. When disassembling or assembling, check the following table and “4. Overview Clean the inside of the Unit and the rubber rolls.

If the Printhead is not covered with the cap when the printer is off, turn on the printer with the ink cartridge installed, make sure the Printhead is covered with the cap, and then turn the printer off.

If this copy is completed successfully, all the other adjustments required after replacing the main board are no longer be necessary.

Original Adjustment Jig Figure If this does not improve the condition, replace the ink cartridges and the Printhead. Paper Support Assy