eyeOS User Manual – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Install Guide eyeOS 2 Cloud Computing OS on Windows v Global Open Versity Cloud Computing Hands-on Labs Training Manual. Step-By-Step Install. operation, for example reading the database, you call a PHP function on the server side using the provided API. 6 EyeOS Developer Manual, English.

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Eyeos 2 3 user manual

Download and extract “kaazing-gateway Increase the PHP memory limit Step 2: It lets you access a desktop environment from within your browser.

Now launch your browser and load http: Click on the down-arrow, and then click on Add Application, as shown in Fig. The still maintained 1.

Fellow us on Twitter: The screenshot is made in eyeOS 1. You can host eyeOS on your server and make your own Cloud system to access your data anywhere you want to. Click User Management icon and a new handle will appear Fig.

You also have the option to Export your document to manaul of the applications options, see Fig. You can access your folders directly under Windows e.

Eyeos 2 3 user manual

Favorite Applications From here can access your favorite Applications that have been added, in this case: On the left column click “phpMyAdmin” link, login with root user credentials; and from Fig. Courses can be implemented as group activities and students can be enrolled into such groups.

Please follow and like us: Powerful query facilities are provided. You should see command-prompt window opens indicating server is running, as shown in Fig. In addition new technologies get combined and a totally new designed framework will be released as oneye 0. Logging in by root. From here you can Add Applications as desired, see Fig.


In this article, we will show you how this web desktop can be installed on ubuntu. When eyeos is installed onto the server as a php web- based application, clients are able to connect to it through nothing more than a browser window a thin client is a lightweight computer built to connect to egeos download eyeos for windows server from a remote location. If prompted by Windows Firewall, click the button labeled “Unblock”.

You can use it personally on your computer or you can use it for collaborative work and share data to your company, firm, clients and colleagues for more innovative ideas and better brain storming. Continue assessment progress marks will be awarded as part of the grading systems: As soon as the installation for LAMP stack is complete, run following command on your eyyeos to start Apache web server. Multiple character sets are supported, and internal processing and storage uses Unicode UTF Here is the very first screen you should see when launching this URL:.

Modify the following line in C: You should see a screen like shown on Fig. Post Installation Tasks Step 1: You should now have “Cloud Computing” group visible in your Maunal tab, see Fig. Ensure that all the required packages and prerequisite are met. He is also the founder of Global Open Versity, a place to enhance your educating and career goals using the latest innovations and technologies. Uploading Documents Step 3: Unfortunately, at version 2.

When fully implemented, students will have access to education materials to follow the courses and create their own content. EyeOS is just like an online operating system, it is based on cloud computing concept and offers an online desktop based system for collaboration and communication among users. To create “eyeos” database, fire-up your browser and point to: Read and then click Yes to close the window.


At the time of writing this hands-on manual we downloaded “eyeos In general, deploying eyeOS cloud in learning environment ryeos bold initiative that is definitely bound to promote technological innovation that is expected to revolutionize the way education is delivered in the future leading to better learning outcome and experiential learning environment for students.

To accept contact request, click People tab, on the right-hand under Lists heading, click Pending, which shows tasks waiting for action, see Fig. During the install process, it will open a pop up for MYSQL root password, specify whatever root password you want to set for your mysql installation, note down the password you set, as it will be used later when installing EyeOS.

Online new user registration. Open your favorite browser and navigate to: Just hop over too the EyeOS site download the latest v2 build. Install Linux OS, any distro as desired. Under your files section on your eyeOS desktop, click Upload link, as shown in Figure. Elmeco fc3 user manual. Welcome to the eyeOS User Manual.

I installed three times you posted, but I got a message [There is an error in this eyeOS installation, please contact the system administrator]. To learn more join out manusl program: The former is meant for administrative purposes while the later should be used for surveillance.

You should now be logged into you eyeOS Desktop as shown in Fig. Explore to the extracted folder and locate and double-click as shown in Fig.