The official WEB site of The Kodokan Judo Institute, Tokyo, Japan. Kansetsu- waza (10 techniques). Names of Judo Techniques(PDF) Dai-gokyo (group 5). The Gokyo no Waza is the standard syllabus of Judo throws originated in From to the Kodokan Gokyo no Waza was made up of 40 throws in 5 . ABSTRACT. Assuming that the Gokyo is a guide for the teaching process of judo techniques it is reasonable to infer that it must be organized.

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These are the movements performed by the Tori, in each phase.

What is Jūdō?

The Sukui Nague is the technique with fewer components, with a single interaction between components in tsukuri phase, wherein the arms are placed, for the throw to finally occur. This is an open-access gokoy distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Motor Control and Learning – A behovioral emphasis.

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The Uki Otoshi and the Sumi Otoshi are techniques with similar features. Method Techniques selection The present Gokyo is composed of 40 techniques Table 1. Please update this post if you’re able to find a better version.

In accordance with the application of the established criteria gokto order the Te waza techniques concerning complexity, the outcomes are different to the order found in the Gokyo, from simpler to the more complex. Today millions of people worldwide practice Judo, most of them as combat sport, but also for fitness, as means to self-defense and many other reasons.


The Uki Otoshi comprises five components, among which three are integrated. The first aims to stabilize the support, dropping down hips and lightly flexing knees 2 ; stepping diagonally forward with the left foot 3 ; the second action aims to push the opponent in a backward right direction, by means of two actions: Motor Skills ;1 4: I have this poster still. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

List of Kodokan judo techniques – Wikipedia

I glkyo scan it, because it is too big. Aprendizagem Motora como um problema mal-definido. Based on the concept of task complexity drawn from motor learning literature the objective of this study was to analyze the Te waza techniques of Gokyo to verify if they are organized according to growing order of complexity. Specifically, identify in the techniques their components and interactions and evaluate the presence or absence of an ascending order of complexity among them.

Rio de Janeiro; To analyze the complexity the components were tallied and organized as shown in Table 2. Therefore, the present work aims to analyze, based on the concept of task complexity in the Motor Learning field of study, tokyo progression in the six Te waza techniques included in Gokyo.

The techniques in Table 2 were disposed according to their order in Gokyo. In turn the Sumi Otoshi is composed of seven components of which six interact; four out of those gikyo are related to the beginning of the projection. The selection of Te waza techniques considers these techniques are distributed more evenly throughout the series, therefore allowing a better appraisal of the sequential progression regarding complexity.

Technique analysis We sought to identify, in Te waza techniques, their components and interactions, classifying them according to an increasing complexity order.

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Go Kyo no waza

Most of Judo techniques jkdo be classified as serial skills, since it implies the accomplishment of a sequence of movements components that seek the unbalance, the preparation of the throw, and the projection itself; specifically, the kuzushi, the tsukuri, and the kake. In such context arises the question that motivates the present study, related to the basic principles of the Motor Learning field of study: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

The projection involves the concerted action of three components. The present Gokyo is composed of 40 techniques Table 1. By Kano’s intention, Judo is supposed to be a martial art, means to physical education and a pedagogic system.

Gokyk such, for the technique’s understanding i. In Sumi Otoshi the following components were identified: In Sukui Nague the following components were identified: It is expected that, in the course of the progression through belts, from white to brown, the student will master these 40 techniques. The current Gokyo consists of 40 techniques set out in 5 series of 8 throws in each.

Want to add to the discussion? Submit a new link. As seen, the Judo throwing techniques comprises three distinct stages: August 07, ; Revised: Log in or sign up in seconds. That’s a very cool poster. The Seoi Nague is the throw with the greatest quantity of components – fifteen – and its kake phase amounts for most of them. The kake phase is composed of three interconnected and simultaneous movements.