Gordon Pask’s Conversation Theory: A Domain Independent Constructivist Model of Human Knowing. Bernard Scott. Centre for Educational Technology and . The model in question is partof the conversation theory (CT) of Gordon Pask. CT, as a theory of theory construction andcommunication, has particular relevance. Since then a substantial percentage of the software development of my career has been guided by Conversation Theory and the work of Gordon Pask.

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Webarchive template wayback links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from August Convegsation with permanently dead external links. Back This is an entire topic in itself. The fundamental idea of the theory was that learning occurs through conversations about a subject matter which serve to make knowledge explicit.

Rapp and Carroll, Views Read Edit View history. Principles To learn a subject matter, students must learn the relationships among the concepts.

Gordon Pask PDFs & Other Resources — Conversation Theory

And that conversaation where I found my place: Back This software system is described in Pangaro, P. Yes Displays text buffer for modification of statement What is your new statement?

In addition to features that are now commonly, nay, universally found in Web browsers, there are some that have yet to be considered for commercial markets.

Pask identified two different types of learning strategies: John Benjamins, pp But it was sitting directly at the machines, goordon that noisy typewriter in front of huge racks with blinking lights, that gave me the greatest pleasure. In order to facilitate learning, Pask argued that subject matter should be represented in the form of entailment structures which show what is to be learned.

This process can be focused by having the author indicate areas to extend or areas to avoid.

Lp was Pask’s protolanguage which produced operators like Ap which concurrently executes Conthe concept of a Topic, Tto produce a Description, D. His intention was to conjure common-sense meanings of these words, and also to provide details of how these usually ineffable notions could be made concrete and measurable. The Steam Engine was an electro-mechanical simulation, with lights and moving parts and user-controlled parameters, which were the basis for understanding the workings of a real steam engine.


I correctly guessed that I would not be the first to arrive so, converstion neophyte wishing to become involved with The Maestro in some capacity or other.


Entailment meshes, at least in their broad basics, are well documented in published accounts. Conversation Theory convefsation Gordon Pask. These structures exist in a variety of different levels depending upon the extent of the pqsk displayed. Aids to Authoring Taking advantage of entailment meshes to produce the above features of adaptive, personalized training is not surprising, given their heritage in cognitive modelling and learning style research. They lectured in tag-team format, one of them punching out an idea until it was on the ropes, then the other guy stepping in to take care of the next one.

Conversation Theory – Gordon Pask

PaskChapter 9 discusses the application of conversation theory to a medical diagnosis task diseases of the thyroid.

Then, when the individual student cconversation a further navigating action, the software can respond to that individual based on that history.

The diamond shape denotes analogy and can exist between any three topics because of the shared meanings and differences. Conversation Theory as developed by Pask originated from this cybernetics framework and attempts to explain learning in both living conversatiom and machines.

Conversation Theory (Gordon Pask)

Any two concepts can produce the third, shown as the cyclic form of three concepts note that the arrows should show that BOTH T1 and T2 are required to produce T3; similarly for generating T1 or T2 from the others. The Theory Behind the Model.

The Derivation of a concept from at least two concurrently existing topics or concepts. Nothing remarkable so far. Back Many more details, functional descriptions, screen shots of other user interfaces and acknowledgments are available pzsk http: If I were sitting cnversation front of you now in a human-to-human conversation and responding to your question, should I give you the same answer I would give anyone else?

Instead, if a user is interested in an explanation on a topic, or desires more detail, moving the mouse over the text would, if a hyperlink were available, produce a box around the phrase. Last Updated November 30th, Also, different options taken in a branching tree of responses cannot all be explicated, though the direction that the software would take is noted for significant cases.


Man-Machine Studies, 7, pp. My point here is cknversation, if taken seriously as a modeling tool for systems such as corporations and families and project teams, this architecture of conversations could become the basis of an innovation in software.

For teachers, the explicit explanation of the subject matter facilitates student understanding e. It was Pask who inspired the construction of an information management system that had all the components of modern Web browsers, but with the added good sense to provide an organising principle for the hyperlinks—something the World Wide Web still needs.

Pask used it in studies of educational processes to offer experimental subjects a variety of ways of moving through a subject matter that they were trying to learn. Conversation theory is a cybernetic and dialectic framework that offers a scientific theory to explain how interactions lead to “construction of knowledge”, or “knowing”: Entailment meshes gave me theorg way to focus on my thinking, and to represent it specifically, tangibly.

In order to facilitate learning, Pask argued that subject matter should be represented in the form of structures which show what is to be learned.

The fundamental idea of the theory was that learning occurs through conversations about a subject matter which serves to make knowledge explicit. These buttons gprdon the same function as their namesakes in modern Web browsers.

Once you go to fheory trouble of having a representation of a domain, you might do lots of useful things with it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For students to learn a subject matter, they must learn the relationships among the concepts. Background of Gordon Pask. The result is more directed for the user and hence more efficient and satisfying. For example, these classes may represent a particular range: Should I give you the same answer no matter what the previous question was? By using goron site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.