Handel’s Water Music is a collection of three suites for orchestra. Our listening piece from this larger work is “Alla Hornpipe,” the 2nd movement from the Suite in . This dance is in triple meter, in a fast tempo, and played by an orchestra comprising winds, brass, strings, and percussion. [Handel, Water Music, –0: 25]. Handel’s Water Music is made up of three orchestral suites, written for an outdoor a jaunty ‘Bourée’, a stately ‘Minuet’ and ends with the grand ‘Alla Hornpipe’.

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Handel – Water Music – Classic FM

Air Suite 1, 6 3. He was obviously well practised at writing music that would carry when performed outside, using bassoons, horns and trumpets to help the sound carry.

Presto F major 6. Hornpipe Suite 1, 9 4. hognpipe

Water Music – Wikipedia

Many other Londoners also took to allaa river to hear the concert. The composer supposedly fell out of favour for moving to London during Queen Anne ‘s reign. Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks.

This file is part of the Sibley Mirroring Project. Allegretto Giocoso Suite 3, 21 6. Handel had been employed by the future king George while he was still Elector of Hanoverbefore he succeeded to the British throne. Problems playing these files?


Enhanced PDF with embedded sound. Presto F major 7. This sequence derives from Samuel Arnold’s first edition of the complete score in and the manuscript copies dating from Handel’s lifetime.

See more Handel Album Reviews. It was rumoured that the Water Music was composed to help King George steal some of the London spotlight back from the prince who, at the time, worried that his time to rule would be shortened by his father’s long life, was throwing lavish parties and dinners to compensate for it. Handel Music See more Handel Music.

The Water Music’s first performance on the Thames was the King’s way of reminding London that he was still there and showing he could carry out gestures even grander than his son’s.

The rising tide propelled the barge upstream without rowing. These files are part of the Orchestra Parts Project. It is divided into three suites:.

Chrysander’s edition also contains an earlier version of the first two movements of HWV in the key of F major composed in originally scored for two natural horns, two oboes, bassoon, strings and continuowhere in addition to the horn fanfares and orchestral responses, the original version contained an elaborate concerto-like first violin part. PDF typeset by Unknown K.


Handel – Water Music

Another barge, provided by the City of Londoncontained about 50 musicians who performed Handel’s music. Adagio e staccato 3. John Walshn.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3. I hereby present the flute-suite. Handel’s Water Music is made up of three orchestral suites, written for an outdoor performance for King George I on the Thames. Retrieved from ” http: Date of reprint on rear cover.

The king watched from the royal barge with various dukes handdel duchesses as the 50 musicians played nearby. For the Telemann suite, see Water Music Telemann. At about 8 p. This story was first related by Handel’s early biographer John Mainwaring ; although it may have some foundation in fact, the tale as told by Mainwaring has been doubted by some Handel scholars. Allegro F major 4.