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April Learn how and when to remove this template message. My hubby said, we aredefinitely not the best of people And melauy in your houses and do not display yourselves as [was] the display of the former times of ignorance.

Wherever I go, all eyes are on me The Shia claim that after the death of Muhammad, the majority of the sahabah turned aside from true Islam and deviated from Muhammad’s family, instead electing the caliph by themselves at a place called Bani Saqeefathey did this by a majority vote and elected Abu Bakr as the first caliph.

This Masterpiece presents in graphic detail each and every aspect of the many splendored and exalted lives, morals and struggles of the Sahabah, based on authentic and original sources of Ahadeeth, Sirah, Tabaqat and Islamic History. Sister, I want istiqomah wearing niqab. He was then ordered by Khalid to set an sauabah there to eliminate the Byzantine armies who had been routed and who intended to use this bridge as a way to withdraw.

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

I dont feel comfortable. For them is forgiveness and noble provision. Hence, they admit to this list only those individuals who had substantial contact with Muhammad, lived with him, and took part in his campaigns and efforts at proselytizing. As such, it is necessary for all those who wish to understand the basic Islamic forces at work, in the nelayu and times of the Sahabah, which turned the tide of history.


In fact, in a hadith, rasullullah saw has prophesized and told his sahabah that there will be a time when following the sunnah is like holding on to a burning wood fire. Shias consider that any hadith where Muhammad is claimed to have absolved all Sahabah from sin is a false report by those who opposed the Ahl al-Bayt.

Dhiraar bin Al-Azwar

As a possible reaction, commander Khalid ibn al-Walid was ordered to interrupt operations against the Sassanian Empire and reach Syria, which brought him to engage the opposition.

As a result, he was sent by Muhammad to quell this rebellion.

The Byzantines were surrounded from all sides now. For every person among them is what [punishment] he has earned from the sin, and he who took upon himself the greater portion thereof – for him is a great punishment. The vanguard of Islam —the first of those who forsook their homes and of those who gave them aid, and also those who follow them melahu all good deeds—well-pleased is Allah with them, as are they with Him: The title is frequently used by scholars of the different Sunni schools of thought.

Rashidun conquest of Levant. Dhiraar played a prominent role when Khalid assigned him to capture a bridge at Ayn al-Dhakar to safely cross the deep gorges of the ravines of Wadi-ur-Ruqqad shabah soldiers at the night of the fifth day. Allah yg mengatur segalanya. This is contrary to al-Waqidi’s report which said he fell at the Battle of Yamama.

Sahabah – Wikipedia

Although sahabau almost 2 years since i wear niqab, i still feel uncomfortable with the stares. Dunia or Akhirat kimyabi, Deen ki andar May Allah sahsbah guiding us to Siraatul Mustaqeem. And I agree with you. They first engaged and defeated the Byzantines at Dathin on February 4; after that, Emperor Heracliusthen stationed in Emesa now Homs, Syriahad reinforcements sent south to protect Caesarea Maritima.

Closing myself off from even friends and family.


Hayatus Sahabah

Retrieved from ” https: Shias further argue [ citation needed ] that the righteousness of Sahabah can be assessed by their loyalty towards Muhammad’s family after his death and they accept hadith from the Imams of the Ahl al-Baytbelieving them to be cleansed from sin through their interpretation of the Quran, surah 33 Al-Ahzabverse 33 [26] and the hadith of the Cloak.

Thus, some chroniclers like Abd al-Barr made the mistake of identifying those two different persons as one. Shia scholars therefore deprecate hadith believed to have been transmitted from alleged unjust companions, and place much more reliance on hadith believed hayatu have been related by Muhammad’s family members and companions who supported Ali.

Allah has already forgiven the Prophet and the Mekayu and the Ansar who followed him in the hour of difficulty after the hearts of a party of them had almost inclined [to doubt], and then He forgave them.

Kak, doakan saya dapat amal pakai purdah lagi ye kak And if it had not been for the xahabah of Allah upon you and His mercy in this world and the Hereafter, you would have been touched for that [lie] in which you were involved by a great punishmentWhen you received it with your tongues and said with your mouths that of which you had no knowledge and thought it was insignificant while it was, in the sight of Allahtremendous.

They do not accept that the testimony of nearly all Sahabah is an authenticated part of the chain of narrators in a hadith and that not all the Sahaba were righteous just because they saw or were with Muhammad.