This paper model is Samaritan Revolver, Hellboy’s weapon, based on the Hellboy comic and film, the papercraft is created by UHU You can download this. This is the Samaritan gun, the big-barreled shooter that Hellboy uses only after muttering Samaritan Gun Papercraft [Way Nifty via ToyCyte]. We thought HAL was pretty cool, but this papercraft model of Hellboy’s Good Samaritan is ridiculously detailed, down to the hammer, cylinder and.

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It will need a few more coats, though. I’ve glued pretty much the whole lot to 1mm card, just using white glue. Anyhoo, after the rather happy way the colt is turning out, I’ve decided to go for something even chunkier, in the manner of UHU02’s Hell Boy Samaritan Papercratf.

It’s really starting to take shape now.

Hellboy – Samaritan Revolver Free Paper Model Download

A mate put me onto this stuff, after seeing the struggles I went through getting a couple of the Colt Navys parts smooth using the superglue method. Find all posts by Plastic Bonsai. Still, I can start laminating my Thompson.

I’ve made up a ring of paper to the measurments of part 6, made by tightly winding strip of lightly glued paper around a suitably sized former in my case, a curtain roduntil it reached the required diameter, it then had its ends well soaked with superglue and sanded flat, making a VERY tough ring that should handle fair bit of abuse. If you ever leave the house with it, make sure it’s in a case.

A warmer tone was mixed by adding a bit of mid brown with our original colour, and applied around areas of wear, like the hammer, rear and underside of the weapon. The barrel clamp was laminated up to 5mm thick, and fixed in place.


I remember my grandmother bought an Origami papercrafy when I was pretty young. Smells a bit though.

Firstly, and simply, a couple of bars running down each side under the barrel. It’s puts me in helloby of 12 guage shotgun sort of size.

I really hope it fits past the catch thingy on the back Try doing that with your regular card model! The important thing with the stippling is that it be uneven, but consistent.

But it appears the ‘real’ gun used the same arm as a more elegant pin lever instead. Not a fault of the model, per-se, just a personal choice. These last layers were applied with more of a scrubbing motion and very little paint on the brush. The hammer is nearly done, I used a different card for this as it was a bit more flexible than the 1mm stock I use for most things, and it seems to be working well around the bendy bits.

Samaritan-Gun Hellboy Revolver Papercraft

This is the basic plan for all parts, but you will need to plan ahead, and subtract a bit from many parts to allow for the thickness of card on other edges.

With each new set comes another opportunity to go on the hunt, to be the first to blind box a chaser or variant and if nothing else but for the thrill of opening just one more box…. I’m hugely pleased to say it works, when you depress the lever, the pin pulls and the break swings open.

Find all posts by Zathros. I think I’ve made this more complicated than nessesary, by asuming that I could build it better than designed, without actually testing to see how the design worked in the first place. I could never never really get that crane to look like a crane. I noticed watching the movie the other night that there’s a large screw there, so I’ll be going down that route.

The whole lower section of the frame right to the back near the handle is pretty much solid laminated cardboard. The trigger guard has also been roughed out. Next picture shows a couple of additions to the basic model, that are aesy to add and easily visible in photo’s of the real one.


Samaritan-Gun Hellboy Revolver Papercraft

UHU02’s Hellboy Samaritan build. Resources saved on this page: The huge size of this weapon is really becoming apparent now.

I have not seen you. The rest of the build has gone relatively smoothly so far, don’t forget to bevel the edges of the outer barrel pices so they fit nice and tight together. I use a auto primer matt black which dries satin, for some odd reason because it dries much tougher and more durable than a cheap generic spraycan. A superglue accelerator is also usful, but not hugely important.

Just a few more minor details to add, and of course I need to make up a handfull of shells to load it with. I left it overnight. The thing you want to acheive when painting a model this size, is not to have the whole thing just one colour. Some blue Regal blue, in this case and a touch more black was added and the process repeated, a bit less intensly than the first two layers, but evening out the colour a bit more.

Send a private message to ThunderChild. I’ve carved the grips from balsa again, as I did with the Colt Navy, and as you can see from the pictures, I made a bit of a mistake and had to add a bit of extra material to the front ‘cos I took a bit too much off. Actually, this model is very well suited to this pqpercraft approach, with all its flat sides and sharp hfllboy, and simple colouring.