Editorial Reviews. Review. R.A. Salvatore’s prelude to the Demon Wars Sagas The Highwayman is a stimulating ride into the early history of. Best-selling author R. A. Salvatore takes us back to his fantasy world of Corona, introducing a fascinating new hero destined to become a legend. Saga of the First King. 1: The Highwayman. by R.A. Salvatore. 16 Review(s). Release Date: Aug 1, Approximate Running Time: 8 Hours. Number of CDs.

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Now, all my new books are in, but I gotta finish this series so I don’t forget all the damn characters. But times have changes, and now the races once again fight each other – an Homeland The Dark Elf Trilogy: They realized how their religions worked together to be one amazing and true religion. Salvatore’s world of Corona is a land where religious factions are vying for followers and the common people are mercilessly used as fodder in war and city construction.

The Highwayman by RA Salvatore

There are so many life lessons, and morals that The Stork teaches. Long ago, in a distant land, a lonely young man struggles to discover who he is and where he belongs.

That said, action, adventure, an excellent treatment of “rare and costly magic”, a compelling story line that kept me interested to the end Book One of the Saga of the First King.

Now they are together again, though each holds secrets from the others in his heart. Highwaykan Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.


Without giving away spoilers, this series is a departure from Salvatore’s others but contains some exceptional writing and some very memorable characters – including our main hero, who is heroic for more than his fighting prowess or self-sacrifice but because of dealing with some ‘disabilities’.

Which ssalvatore course results in some brilliant fighting scenes. Saga of the First King 4 books. It sure does make my long work com This was a re-read for me On a crisp autumn morning, in salvatoer cottage in the idyllic land of the Vale, Mr. This book is mainly about the struggles of a physically malformed boy.

A kind of spasm disease, one could say.

Such a great great book. E esse promete, olha a sinopse!

The Highwayman by RA Salvatore book review

Yeah, I’ll admit that the whole premise behind the Bransen character might seem a bit overcooked and juvenile–even for a fantasy character– but I’ve always had a soft spot for romantic heroes and the epic, far-fetched nature of fantasy fiction, so consider my review a lot highwaymqn lenient in this assessment.

Sen Wi has come to Pryd holding with Dynard to help explain the ways of her people to the brothers of Blessed Abelle. Also complicating matters is that Prince Prydae, the last of his line, suffers an injury in battle that leaves him impotent.

The story focuses mostly around a very special hero, Bransen, where fate hasn’t been kind on him, and his family, as it has trapped him in a place where he can not escape: View Full Version of PW.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. I could not believe it.


The Highwayman : Book One of the Saga of the First King

Salvatore held many jobs during those first years as a writer, finally settling in much to our delight to write full time in But through the powers of his mother and father’s religions he is able to control his chi enough to walk, run, talk, everything any normal person can do and so much more. Fans of Salvatore’s unadorned approach and broad caricatures of archetypal figures should be pleased with this carnival of treachery and medieval feudalism.

One of the best fantasy books I’ve read in a while. Things change, and like Spiderman getting bitten by a radio-active spider, Bransen gets his superhero upgrade into a kind of ninja-Robin Hood.

The Highwayman (novel) – Wikipedia

High Fantasy fans, Urban Fantasy fans, Romance fans. Salvatore was born in Massachusetts, and earned a B. Mar 24, Monica rated it liked it Shelves: Salvatore is a great world-builder.

Open Preview See a Problem? And since I had read this first book in the series many years ago but never picked up the rest of them, I believed it would be a good option in case I didn’t enjoy the experience.

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