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The incidence of pelvic deformities as a cause of dystocia in buffaloes is described to be 1.

Meaning of “hipersistolia” in the Portuguese dictionary

hipodjnamia Occasionally, uterine torsion can occur between 58th month of pregnancy [90,91]. The choice of the method to be adopted depends on the nature and intensity of the torsion, the viability of the fetus and the time lapse since the onset of dystocia.

Effects of xylazine on blood glucose levels in young male buffaloes. When the uterine musculature becomes exhausted subsequent to failure of delivery of a maldisposed or oversized fetus or due to obstruction in the birth canal, then the condition is known as secondary uterine inertia. Dextran40 can maintain elevated plasma and blood volume for longer durations and thus decreases the degree of dehydration [].

The animal may adopt a rocking horse stance [79] and show mild colic pain and constipation [95]. A buffalo with pelvic fracture. The technique suggested to detorse the rotated uterus in buffaloes include rotation of the fetus and uterus per vaginum [1,9], rolling of the animal, and laparohysterotomy [1,79].

As a matter of critical care, monitoring blood-gas and acid-base status as well as electrolytes should be a mandatory procedure in torsion affected buffaloes []. Partial anorexia, dullness and depression may be evident [59,95]. Management of DystociaIn mid-gestation herniations, support must be given to the abdominal floor by tying strong canvas around the abdomen.


Indian Vet J ; Although many anesthetic combinations have been suggested for epidural analgesia including xylazine and medetomidine [], xylazine and ketamine [] or xylazine and detomidine [], however, xylazine is used as a sedative during laparohysterotomy. In uterine torsion, ureters lying near the broad uterine ligaments are constricted thus the urine output is reduced and renal functions may be affected []. A lack of dorsal attachment of the broad ligament during pregnancy [85] and a lack of support of the broad ligament in the post cervical area predisposes buffaloes to more occurrence of post cervical torsion [87].

The birth canal may sometimes be occluded. Field observations on the uterine torsion in cows and buffaloes.

A retrospective data analysis of our University farm at Vallabhnagar revealed a zero incidence in calvings of the Surti breed. Failure of Abdominal Expulsive ForcesThe abdominal musculature plays an important part in the second stage of labor to expel the fetus.

During trans-rectal examination, attention should be paid to the course of broad ligaments to rule out pre-cervical torsion. Examinations of such patients reveal the extra uterine presence of the fetus [] and such animals may experience colic or other clinical signs.

A deficiency uteirna estrogen is considered to be one important cause of failure of cervical dilation [52], hence, injection of estrogens like estradiol valerate mg IM can be helpful, however, estrogen should be given with care in a completely closed cervix because of the dangers of uterine rupture that may follow because of violent contractions.

hipodinamia uterina

The animal is hipodinmia suddenly to the direction of the torsion of the uterus. Zentralbl Veterinarmed A ; In buffaloes, the symphysis pubis is not fused completely as it is in cows [17], however, a narrow pelvis is a known cause of dystocia in the buffalo [18]. If the cervix remains closed, the fetus is alive and its fetal membranes are intact, it is suggested to wait for 30 minutes to allow time for natural dilation. Thrice hourly massage 15 min each with 1 liter of sodium carboxymethylcellulose has been suggested [54] to achieve sufficient cervical dilation for fetal delivery.


Kraft W and Drr U. Torsion of uterus hpiodinamia accompany intestinal obstruction uterna, hemoperitoneum [64], uterine rupture [75] and formation of adhesions of uterus with surrounding viscera [93].

Prostaglandin injections are suggested subsequent to torsion correction if the cervix is not dilated. If the hiposinamia is able to enter the pelvis partially, severe non-progressive straining occurs. Punjab Vet ; 9: Uterus didelphus has been described as one of the causes of uterine torsion in the buffalo [89].

Incomplete Cervical DilationThe dilation of the cervix at the time of delivery is essential for the easy passage of the fetus. The pregnant uterus rotates about its long axis, with the point of torsion being the anterior vagina just caudal to the cervix [1] post cervical torsion.

Enf Distocias de la dinámica uterina by marta perez on Prezi

Notes on Applied Bovine Reproduction. Clinically hard polyploidy growths are palpable over many places in the birth canal. If the vaginal folds are increasing after a rolling, the rolling must be done towards the opposite side.