Hypertherm, HyPerformance, HyDefinition, LongLife and CommandTHC are trademarks of .. HPRXD Manual Gas – Revision 2. guarantees the Hypertherm quality you can count on. The HPRXD delivers superior bar ( psi) Manual gas console. 8 bar ( psi). ArcGlide, EDGE Pro, Hypertherm, HPR and Sensor THC are trademarks of Hypertherm, Inc. and may be When you see a safety symbol in this manual or on your machine HPRXD, HPRXD with a built-in.

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Use the diagram in this section for component-placement guidelines. Coloque carteles o anuncios.

Inputs are optically isolated. Use una careta de soldador con el sombreado o filtro adecuado. Do not use optical tools to view or reflect the laser beam.

mahual Keep flames away from cylinders and hoses that contain methane or hydrogen mixtures. This warranty shall not apply to any Hr260xd which has been incorrectly installed, modified, or otherwise damaged. If the workplace must conform to national or local regulations, only monitoring or testing done at the site can determine whether the site is above or below allowable levels.

For your records Serial number: Equipotential bonding Bonding of all metallic components in the cutting installation hpr260dx adjacent to it should be considered. Keep both the work cable and the torch lead to one side, away from your body. Introduction This document describes the grounding and shielding necessary to protect a plasma cutting system installation against radio frequency interference RFI and electromagnetic interference EMI noise.


Cutting sparks can cause explosion or fire. Leave the workpiece in place or on the workbench with the work cable attached during the cutting process. The term IC before the radio certification number only signifies that Industry Canada technical specifications were met. Failure to follow all these safety instructions can result in death.

Best regards, Hyperrherm colt.

HyPerformance Plasma. HPRXD Manual gas. Instruction manual Revision 2 – PDF

manal Prolonged exposure to excessive noise can damage hearing. Off-valve The off-valve consists of 5 solenoid valves, a manifold block and a wiring harness with connector. Wear correct and appropriate protective equipment to protect head, eyes, ears, hands, and body.

Los textos numerados corresponden a los cuadros numerados de la etiqueta.

Hypertherm HPRXD Manual Gas Rev.3 manuals

Not for children under 3 years. It is bolted to the hypertjerm, close to the motor. Cuffless trousers to prevent entry of sparks and slag. Move switch 7 to the RUN position.

Power may be present at all other components when it is in the ON l position. This is the grounding system that applies to the incoming line voltage.

It must be a maintained-contact switch, not a momentarycontact switch. Originally Posted by Arun Sonwane. Do not disassemble or remove the laser or aperture cover.

Toxic coatings include, but are not limited to, lead in some paintscadmium in some paints and fillersand beryllium. Isolate the electrical equipment and disconnect all live conductors from the supply voltage when in the OFF position Have one OFF and one ON position clearly marked with O OFF and l ON Have an external hpt260xd handle capable of being locked in the OFF position Contain a power-operated mechanism that serves as an emergency stop Have slow-blow fuses installed for the proper breaking capacity see table above.


Remove all flammables within 35 feet 0 m of the cutting area.

Paint walls and other surfaces with dark colors to reduce reflection. Water that does not meet the maximum purity specifi cations below can also cause problems. Wait 5 minutes after removal of power before entering the enclosure to allow stored energy to discharge. The size of the surrounding area to be considered will depend on the structure hypegtherm the building and other activities that are taking place. Evite el contacto con la hypertherj de la antorcha. Maximum cable length from the ignition console to the torch lifter station is 20 m 65 ft.

In addition, Hypertherm does not warranty systems that have been damaged as a result of poor power quality, whether from phase converters or incoming line power.

HyPerformance Plasma. HPR260XD Manual gas. Instruction manual Revision 2

In addition, ear protection can prevent hot splatter from entering the ear. Move switch 7 back to the RUN position center. Shown for reference only Part no.