Browse Ibanez Promethean 1×10 Bass Combo Amp owner’s manuals, user guides, instructional help documents & operating information to learn more about . Write a Review See All Ibanez Tube Combo Bass Amplifiers The Promethean 20W bass combo from Ibanez comes loaded with a single 8-in. driver, and. Write a Review See All Ibanez Solid State Bass Amplifier Heads The Ibanez Promethean PH W bass head offers high-powered play in a portable.

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The EBS being the most compact but not for much. Ensure that this manual is also stored in a safe The smaller redesigned, Ibanez P Promethean Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier, is perfect for traveling musicians, who are at a different venue every night.

But if ibqnez have read well, this conclusion reflects a very personal choice. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

EBS Classic Session 120, Ibanez Promethean P3115 and Peavey Max 115 Comparison

Like Tweet Pin it Submit Email. Painted walls and a laminate floor. To talk to a sales specialist!

If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, American Manuxl Supply will issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge. Overview Specifications Delivery Reviews Related Products Product Description Designed for busy working musicians, the newly redesigned Promethean amplifier is the perfect fit for traveling from venue to venue.

All used products are not under warranty. Something to do with the way the windings are done and I suppose as a result you dont need to hammer it as much. My criteria will be those of a potential buyer: And incidentally you play better the blues since she’s gone.


Ibanez prides itself on making quality equipment, that’s why it’s nearly parallel in popularity to Fender.

Otherwise the watts are there, I rarely pushes to gain 3 or 4 4. When it comes to format and weight, all three combos exhibit ideal ibanrz to be transported.

Product Specifications Product Specifications. Promethhean wanted to miniaturize my gear for not too much hassle to transport, knowing that the big scenes are already equipped with backline.

I just changed my P for a I found going used locally. At band rehearsal, we had two acoustic guitars DI’d into the deska singer through the PA and me on bass – no percussion of any type at all. Fast, reliable delivery We have warehouses on both mnual, so most shipments arrive in 3 days or less. The P was the best small combo I’d personally ever heard, you just get more with the I tried this unit out, and I don’t know what the problem other ibanes were having, but it was very loud and clean.

This Class-D amp offers more than just reliability. Whatever it is I’ll raise my glass to it!

Ibanez Bass Guitar Combo Amps media files

Did you find this review helpful? Many now choose coming here over our local music shop here in town. Granted it does not do what my Eden Metro combo and 4×10 extension did but it works fairly well.

They have a great philosophy on giving the customer excellence for their money. On the EBS, as on the Peavey, the signal coming out of these outputs is quite mediocre. Edited December 5, by gjones. Included aux input allows you to play along with a connected MP3 or CD player and the P’s headphone out is great for bedroom jam sessions or sound checks. External Speaker Out The P features an external speaker out to connect to an additional speaker cabinet. Our members also liked: All three have a carry handle so they can be manipulated in the same way.


You don’t lose any time and open all three boxes in a frenzy, with the same excitement as a twelve-year old would must I remind you that you’re a bassist? Ibanez P Promethean Bass Combo Amplifier Watts, 1×10″ With its small size, the P makes a great home practice amp, and the external speaker and XLR line out give you the flexibility to take it up on stage.

Ibanez P Promethean Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

And you don’t even stop to think about how on earth was he able to lug all that: He gulps its down, burps in flat A and buzzes off on his bicycle.

I was expecting it to have more punch then it did. Hi I’m new here but it’s very cool to be talking with bass players across the pond: I bought this for home use and for my band’s acoustic set. I have larger gear but this amp does everything and more with a direct out. This allows for even more tonal change. The debate is open and you should make up your own decision. The manual is fairly lacking but shows external speaker out minimum 8 ohm. Recommend all my friends to zZounds.

Stupidly I only took jack to speakons instead of speakon to speakon so I had to use the P combo instead P has a jack extension out. Call a guitar expert now!

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