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Wehrbeauvtragter German post-cold war military transformations only responded to stimuli coming from the outside. Reform of the Bundeswehr started in the early s, in connection with the dehrbeauftragter of the country and the adjustment of its military to the limits set out in the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe CFE Treaty. Therefore, also nowadays, there is an ongoing debate about the future of the Bundeswehr.

Warfare today, 28 February Bundesministerium der Verteidigung, So far, Germany has been able to fulfil its foreign-policy obligations, albeit with some issues very restrictive rules of engagement in jharesbericht operations, an emphasis on the priority of non-military instruments, an emphasis on development aid, etc. At present, the budget is being prepared. V prosinci se habilitoval v oboru politologie.


Last but not least, an intensive development of capabilities in the area of cyberwarfare is expected. Under this conception, the numbers of heavy weapons systems would be reduced and the worst military weaknesses of the German military addressed, in areas such as strategic transport, logistical support, the ability of units to survive in a modern theatre of war, precision guided munitions, communication and command systems and reconnaissance systems.


The strengthening of the element in the armed forces tailored to crisis management was made possible by the most efficient use of resources and investment inherited from the Cold War era and cutting territorial defence capacities.

The political debate in Germany on increasing defence expenditure has not started because the subject was broached by Donald Trump.

However, both documents did develop the idea that traditional territorial defence wehrbeauuftragter must remain at such a level that they could be rapidly expanded if necessary. As regards technology, it is necessary to modernize the Bundeswehr substantially and equip it especially with artillery, which had been jahresberichh since the end of Cold War from nearly 40 to 3 battalions. The mind-set of the German society, or that of its political and military leaders, is not currently ready for that.

In terms of defining the main missions for the Bundeswehr, a fundamental shift in direction occurred after After the reform, it was entirely evident that these operations have become the main task of the armed forces. Wehrbeauffragter, in these number were further jahreebericht.

FaLang translation system by Faboba. For instance, the Berlin government has been very resolute in deploying ajhresbericht armed forces, the Bundeswehr, in various types of out-of-area military operation.

Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig: Elektronische Zeitschriften

German political and military leadership was not able to prepare a military reform that would successfully anticipate the future needs of the German security policy. SinceGermany has been regularly involved in EU battlegroups. Interviews with German experts indicate that they believe it not to be very likely. European Council on Foreign Jahresberiicht, 27th March[online]. In any case, the emphasis in German foreign policy was on crisis prevention rather than crisis management.


Whether Germany is able to meet all of these commitments and plans is something wehrbeauftragtfr is presently discussed in the country.

This kind of international engagement creates a need to reform the German armed forces. However, by no means all of the phases of the transformation can be called an unqualified success. Vystudoval politologii a historii na FF MU. ISSN printon-line.

Some experts have pointed out that – given the present state of the Bundeswehr – it is not very likely. The same single set of forces will then have to provide troops for crisis management operations.

The schedule for this should be ready by mid First of all, the contemporary Bundeswehr suffers from the low operational readiness of key weapons systems.

Bundeswehr soll bis zur Einsatzarmee umgebaut werden. DeutscheWelle, 9th March[online]. These include the successors to the Eurofighter and Rafael combat airplanes, the successor to the Leopard 2 and Leclerc main battle tanks and new artillery systems.