Find great deals for JBL M Stereo Mono Variable Crossover Rack Mount. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This crossover was rack mounted and is in good working condition. New lower price!. Please add the letters JBL behind part numbers when ordering. Page 3. JBL M Page 4. JBL M Page 5. JBL M Page 6. JBL Page 7. JBL

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If you see the pic, I currently set the crossover at the center bar, namely between and The other thing about 24db slopes, is they are acoustically in phase at crossover point, 18db is considered out of phase at crossover point.

If you would like to talk further on the pro’s and cons of the what I think are the ,s strong and weak points, please feel free to PM me, I am happy to try to help! RF filtering to defeat extraneous noise and ultrasonic oscillations.

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If you have vintage speakers, that are less highly resolving, you might like the coloration the produces. Outstanding dB dynamic range for lower noise, greater headroom, resulting in unparalleled transient response.

Yet still another known problem, most ,s had waffle IC sockets, so, the IC plugs into the socket, and these can be intermittent. Sometimes, its a bitch getting the EXACT setting you had when you futz with the trying to dial it in to sonic perfection.

  LEI 88777 PDF

But, it is coloration, for sure. What do you think? If you have an RTA you can use that to determine where you are.

JBL M average used price – Audiofanzine

By glen in forum Lansing Product General Information. Fantastic power supply, discrete circuitry, and high quality components, with superb engineering at work here.

Originally Posted by pyonc. The time now is LF summing combines both channels for subwoofer applications where only one mono channel is needed. Complete user control over Threshold, Attenuation, Attack and Release controls. Advice on JBL M crossover. The spec is to crossover at Hz – but if you are worried about the diff between and Hz, you might want to use a scope and sig gen to be sure of the setting accuracy of your front panel controls Originally Posted by wpod.

IMHO, a “WORKED ” Ureiin the right system, can make some enchanting sounding vinyl playback, but, I’m telling you the known problems of the unit, as well as the fact that I feel that sound can be, and has been surpassed today, especially for digital playback of Cd and downloads.

Advice on JBL M crossover

The manual Link above is copyright m552, which makes them year old gear. And I am basing this value solely on the estimated reduction of the power supplies ripple voltage.


However, I have moved on, to bryston, and I havent looked back yet. Servo balanced outputs provide automatic output level adjustment to accommodate either balanced or unbalanced feeds.

User adjustment of Threshold, Attenuation, Attack and Release controls. Stock, its untity gain in and out. DSP crossovers also have the option of selectable filter types hbl well.

If you can get one cheap and spend some money to clean up the power supply caps and such, its probably fine, but if you want to upgrade from what you have – there are better crossovers around. The bottom line is that you want to sum flat through the crossover point so 50Hz on either side on the dial doesn’t really matter as long as you are flat through the transition.

JBL M552 average used price

Gate function with independent Threshold control for each channel. Another thing, is while I still do love the sound of theI love it with certain speakers, and NOT with others. Thanks a lot for your feedback and advice. Otherwise, your project could go up in smoke. I just want to double check with you on this.