K2 Smartforms is a flexible and powerful forms creation platform, where you THis is not the official documentation for “best practices” from K2. Although some of the planned features in (comments at last!) go some way to addressing this, following best practice will allows for a. This guide goes through some best practices for developing K2 be found here ‘ C:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl\Bin\SmartObject Service.

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Manager review ; Email customer ; Update CRM if you are using the Form Progress Steps custom controltake note that this is where the control takes its step labels. This is incorrect and would cause problems later on in the view design.

Create a website or blackpeqrl at WordPress. You are commenting using your Facebook account. To do this do the following steps. So you once the service object method has been selected and the properties created and bound to the service object.

Best Practice for developing K2 Apps

Expense Claims With spaces between words. But if properly implemented and documented, this will create consistent development standards that will be consistent across your organization.

When creating new common objects, have the practice to announce it to the team members as well. If your rule beat specific only to the current form, and the view is reusable across different forms. All labels and data labels Enable blackeparl text wrapping to make it mobile friendly. Failure to properly plan how to implement a solution can result in downstream effects of either poor re-usability or maintainability. Create a rule that when you click on the list item it transfers the primary key from the list into the view parameter.


However, this could be a double edged sword.

K2 Smartforms: best practices – How2 K2

Email required Address never made public. Planning SmartObjects and Views smartly can vastly reduce your development time because of reusability. Set a realistic timeline This topic deserves a long detailed post on bkackpearl own. Now that we blackpesrl built the rules to save and update and load the information we can now add it to the list view. I appreciate you for delivering the insightful, trusted, informative and fun guidance on that topic to Sandra.

Plan for Reusability Planning SmartObjects and Views smartly can vastly reduce your development time because of reusability. This applies both when setting the date, as well as displaying the date in something like a list column.

Using this application allows you then to test your SmartObject to see if it is working correctly. I’m a geeky blaxkpearl who loves technology in all shapes and sizes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The only exception is for file types. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. Create an Image K A clean UI is one of the first things that will draw people to use your application. In some cases, use expressions instead of rules. If you have strict requirements to load complex forms in a span of 3 seconds for example, you may want to rethink about your decision to use SmartForms.

Best Practice for developing K2 Apps – GreenEggs on K2

Form practice Where possible, set form width to blackpearo maximum width of px. Some common requirements that are not out of the box in K2: If you have a number of stored procedures that interact with same table, then same SmartObject can be used with the additional methods and properties added. Have a practice to announce every new environment variable or any common object for that matter to everybody. High risk for bugs and incredibly challenging to maintain.


This duplicates the rules in every state. I have learn several good stuff here.

Follow Blog via Email Receive notifications of new posts by email. No need to call everything as the form initializes. From here we can now test the methods of the SmartObject. K2 Smartforms is a flexible and powerful forms creation platform, where you can create your UI, and configure rules and integration using drag and drop.

The size is only a guide and common sense must still be used for controls apart from the label control.

Optionally prefix with a Sub for views meant to be used as SubViews. Email required Address never made public. The correct property type should be used and most of the time K2 will take care of this automatically. In some cases the correct method type is not selected. Before a developer starts on the project, make sure they are given time to be briefed thoroughly on these best practices. Have a rule across your team on how you want to handle requests for editing common objects.

This post simply serves as a guide from my personal experiences. This post is intended for K2-trained individuals tasked with planning, designing and developing K2 Smartforms based solutions. You could also consider creating unbound rules discussed below. The rules for moving practicfs a picker control is if the reference data is longer than 20 rows then use a picker control.

In this post you will learn: Should be there now Like Like. This becomes even more critical in projects with large numbers of artifacts and multiple developers.