kehilangan perlekatan klinis. Klasifikasi Periodontitis: 1. Chronic Periodontitis 2. Aggressive Periodontitis 3. Periodontitis as a Manifestation of Systemic. Klasifikasi periodontitis berdasarkan manifestasi klinisnya Klasifikasi periodonitas menurut Goldman. Schluger. Difus c.. dan Fox (): 1. Traumatik oklusi c. The simultaneous existence of pulpal problems and inflammatory periodontal disease can complicate diagnosis and treatment planning.

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If a draining sinus tract through the periodontal ligament is present before root canal treatment, resolution of the probing defect is expected. Long-term existence of the defect has resulted in deposits of plaque and calculus in the pocket with subsequent advancement of the periodontal disease.

Berhubungan dengan sistem endokrin1. Etiology and Pathogenesis of Periodontal Disease: Probiotics for Management of Periodontal Disease: On the other hand, Langeland et al.

Gingivitis yang berhubungan dengan masa pubertas2. View at Google Scholar F. Classification of periodontal disease and conditions The interrelationship between periodontal and endodontic disease has always aroused confusion, queries, and controversy. It klawifikasi generally advisable to treat both tissues concurrently in order to create the most favorable environment for healing.

Penyakit gingiva yang dimodifikasi oleh obatII. The pulp may remain vital but may show some degenerative changes over time. Klasifikasi Peenyakit Periodontal Baru Documents. Etiologic factors such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses as well as other various contributing factors such as trauma, root resorptions, perforations, and dental malformations also play an important role in the development and progression of such lesions.


The nature of that pain is often the first clue in determining the etiology of such a problem. Granulation tissue derived from bone or gingival connective tissue may induce root resorption and ankylosis [ 1731 ].

International Journal of Dentistry

Discussion It is known that both the pulp and the periodontium are closely linked to each other, through the apical foramen, accessory canals, and dentinal tubules of the root, and one can interfere on the integrity of the other. Mulai terlepasnya gingiva dari permukaan gigi Perdarahan, pembengkakan dan inflamasi mulai terlihat Napas berbau, rasa tidak enak dalam mulut Hilangnya sedikit perlekatan tulang Terbentuk poket sedalam mm antara gigi dan gingiva pada satu daerah atau lebihb.

The differential diagnosis of endodontic and periodontal diseases can sometimes be difficult but it is of vital importance to make a correct diagnosis so that the appropriate treatment can be provided.

View at Google Scholar S.


E Vertical Root Fractures. Published on Nov View 14 Download Disertai dengan kontribusi faktor local2. The periodontal disease has gradually spread along the root surface towards the apex.

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Studies have indicated that this factor may be an important cause of endodontic treatment failure [ 25 — 27 ]. Treatment of traumatic dental injuries varies depending on the type of injury and it will determine pulpal and periodontal ligament healing prognosis [ 1729 — 33 ]. Terjadinya kerusakan tulang yangluas danjaringan periodontal secara cepat7. Abses pada gingiva mulai terbentuk Gigi terlihat lebih panjang akibat gingiva yang mulai mengalami periodonyitis Gigi depan mulai bergeser dan terbentuk diastema Napas berbau, rasa tidak enak dalam mulut Poket antara gigi dan gingiva kira-kira sedalam mmc.


Progression of the periodontal disease and the pocket leads to pulpal involvement via either a lateral canal foramen or the main apical foramen.

Mild pain or discomfort and swelling are the major clinical symptoms, and solitary pocket around one aspect of the suspected tooth is the major clinical sign. At the site of perforation, an inflammatory reaction in periodontal ligament occurs and leads to the formation of a lesion which can progress as a conventional primary endodontic lesion.

It is highlighted that the root planning and scaling may result in the rupture of the vessels and destruction ilasifikasi the neurovascular bundle in the lateral canals, provoking a reduction of the blood supply and consequently leading to pulp alterations.

Lesi rongga mulut menjadi sangatsensitif6. The pathways for the spread of bacteria between pulpal and periodontal tissues are still a subject of controversy [ 2 — 6 ].

Ray and Trope [ 14 ] reported that defective restorations and adequate root canal fillings had a higher incidence periodomtitis failures than teeth with inadequate root canal fillings and adequate restorations. Necrotizing Periodontal Disease A. Pulp exposures, periodontitis, and caries lesions are of significant importance in the development of periodontal-endodontic lesions.