The Los Angeles Fire Department wants to prepare you for 13 federally identified threats to Los Angeles, which include the following: Earthquakes, Fires. The Los Angeles Fire Department encourages the reproduction and In the event of a major earthquake or disaster, freeways and surface. With Southern California deeply seated in “earthquake country,” the Los Angeles County Fire Department urges you and your family to always.

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California Volunteers Disaster Preparedness Resources: After the Northridge earthquake, power was lost in some neighborhoods for several days, and the water supply was disrupted. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Do not use your vehicle, except for an emergency. Be prepared to move along with your shelter, if the shaking shifts it around. March 28, at 7: No matter where you are, take cover under a sturdy desk, table or other furniture and hold on to it until the shaking stops.

Stay out of damaged buildings until they have been deemed safe. Check house, roof and chimney, if it is safe to do so.


Earthquake Preparedness | Los Angeles County Fire Department

March 28, at 9: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here What earthsuake your kitchen cabinets? Download and share these helpful tips: Breakable items can be secured to shelves with museum wax, which is designed to grip without harming the wood. Get to know this Santa Ana neighborhood by browsing its most popular local businesses, from a neighborhood tavern to a Mediterranean eatery.

When safe, continue to follow your disaster plan. Attractive section of content.

Cover your head and neck under a sturdy desk or table. Check for fires and hazards. Be prepared to move with your shelter if the shaking shifts it around.

April 3, at 5: A new big-screen TV? Locate and learn how to shut off valves for water, gas and electricity. The Chargers are headed to the playoffs for the first time in five years, but they’ll go in as a wild-card thanks to a last-second loss to the Broncos at home in November.

Notify me of new posts via email. There are even videos for those who learn best that way. Here are the newest places to check out the next time you’re in the mood for some juice and smoothies. Keep Your Hallway Clear.


Guide To Emergency Planning For Families

Drop, Cover and Hold Drop down onto your hands and knees. The last one was at least years ago. Wear closed-toe shoes, if near debris. Conduct earthquake drills every six months with your family. Keep streets clear for emergency vehicles. Check for damaged utilities. Keep a supply of water, food, medications and clothing on hand.

You may need to strap or bolt all of these items to your walls: According to Earthquake Country, rescue workers around the world agree that these simple procedures save lives:. Eaethquake required Address never made public. From wine battles and craft brews to vegan cheese and LA eats, there’s plenty to explore and enjoy if you’re hungry for something new.

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Do not use cell phones or landlines unless it is for a medical, fire or public safety emergency. April 2, at 3: COVER your head and neck and your entire body if possible under a sturdy table or desk.