The LANCOM + VPN is a top model in the LANCOM line of highly integrated VPN networking components designed for secure site connectivity. Business VPN ADSL2+ router for professional site connectivity. The LANCOM + VPN is a top model in the LANCOM line of highly integrated VPN. Brand name, Lancom. Item Weight, Kg. Product Dimensions, 14 x 21 x cm . Item model number, LS Series, + VPN. Connectivity Type, Nicht.

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The compact device allows businesses to use professional router features such as IPsec VPN and virtualization in conjunction with the high data rates available with VDSL.

An essential aspect of this solution is the free LAN tools for the efficient configuration and monitoring of your network. Management tools for small and medium-sized networks. Release Notes LANtools With features such as intrusion prevention and Denial-of-Service protection, this business VPN router provides optimal protection and secures all of the data on the network.

OS looks good in Mobile and can control Your smart home. The SIM-card holder is easily accessible via the back cover and, by lanco an external UMTS antenna, indoor reception can laancom greatly improved. If no 17721 is transmitted over an interface, its power consumption shuts down automatically.

Lancom + VPN Manuals

The highly integrated networking components for small businesses and managed networks offer all of the functions necessary for connecting sites or smaller subsidiaries to the Internet—in one compact device.


Contact us You have further questions about this product or want a personal contact? This combination enables business users to make best use of a VDSL connection and, at low cost, use high-bandwidth networking to establish performance site connectivity.

Secure site connectivity via VPN. The overall network down to each individual device can be managed and monitored from a central instance—for a solution that is systematic. Click here for Software Lifecycle Management.

Reference manual LCOS Our in-house team of developers works in a highly secure environment labcom certified by the BSI German Federal Alncom for Information Securityall of which is subject to the highest standards of security, encryption, and quality.

Extensive security functions such as the integrated stateful-inspection firewall provide highest levels of security.

That’s why we offer a LCOS version overview with a clear plan of the current software status, a comparison of the different versions, and recommended usage:. Our aim is the optimal preparation of our in-house operating system LCOS and other software, not only for lwncom use in practice, but also to adapt it to the wishes of our customers.

Menu reference LCOS To the lifecycle overview. Network virtualization with up to 16 networks on one device ARF Security Made in Germany Maximum future compatibility, reliability, and security. The standard equipment of 5 IPSec VPN channels guarantees strong encryption, secure connections for mobile employees, and protection of corporate data.

Lancom VPN specifications

New power for your switches: The entire LANCOM core product range is developed and manufactured in Germany, and tested according to the highest standards of security, data protection and quality.

The four ports of the integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch ensure maximum performance and alncom also energy-efficient as per IEEE This compact, cost-effective device makes no compromises in offering all of the functions necessary for securely connecting laancom locations and smaller branch offices that use ADSL or SDSL Internet access.


The stateful inspection firewall with intrusion detection and Denial-of-Service protection provides maximum security. Business VPN router for professional site connectivity with maximum flexibility and redundancy.

Load balancing can use up to four WAN connections. Security is provided by high-quality security features such as the stateful-inspection lanckm with intrusion detection and protection against denial of services. To the download area.

Lancom 1721 VPN

Knowledge Base Support portal. The company’s own “closed-source” operating system LCOS is developed at the company headquarters in Germany.

All of our devices are equipped with hardware that is dimensioned for the future and, even reaching back to older product generations, updates to the LANCOM Operating System—LCOS—are available several times a year, free of charge. For more professional assistance visit our Support portal: You have further questions about this product or want a personal contact?

Integrated VPN accelerator hardware massively increases the encryption performance of this powerful platform.

Increased memory Product details: The device connects directly to the Internet—no additional modem is required. This router is suitable for a large range of applications as it is equipped as standard with 5 VPN channels 25 optionalISDN for backup, remote maintenance and LANcapi applications, along lacom four separately controllable switch ports.