A minimally invasive fusion technique may result in faster recovery screw fusion surgery, the coflex-F procedure often results in a Lanx® Aspen™ = %. Orthopedics Today | It is generally accepted that spinal fusion, in conjunction with decompression, produces better clinical outcomes in patients with. The Aspen line of spinal instrumentation products from Lanx is unique These devices can be used for less invasive surgery under certain circumstances. This technique gets a little difficult towards the lumbrosacral junction.

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Removal is indicated because the implants are not intended to transfer or support forces developed during normal activities. The implant has a small diameter wide-spike design with 16 spikes per implant over a broad area.

BioMed Research International

Posterior Fusion System Lanx. The implant was fashioned out of silicone into the shape of a dumbbell to off-load the facet joints and decrease the intradiscal pressure. The BacFuse decompresses the spinal canal while supporting the formation of interspinous fusion Figure At two years, the Symptom Severity score for the X-Stop and the control group was In all these studies, while the short-term results tcehnique encouraging, it is not possible to reach scientific conclusions related to long-term health outcomes.

The device is designed to support the formation of fusion and decompression by fixation and interspinous process spacing, while renewing anatomic alignment. The surgeon must have acquainted himself before the operation with the specific technique for insertion of the product, which is available from the manufacturer.

After determining the techniquue with a trial implant, the selected implant is placed in the interspinous space. A successful result is not always achieved in every surgical case. For single level surgery, laminectomy was more effective, but X-Stop was less costly.

List of the most important interspinous implants available on the market. The BacJac interspinous device implanted in a lumbar spinal model.


The arising consequence is the need to understand the pathological and mechanical causes of each degenerative problem and determine the right treatment paradigm through a critical analysis of all available experimental and clinical biomechanical information surgcial 33 — 38 ]. Axial CT image of the Aperius inserted at L4-L5 level showing the wings expanded on each side of the spinous process.

The device has a large bone graft window and is intended for use with bone graft material and is not intended for stand-alone use. In this paper we provide an overview of the current notions of the biomechanical principles of the interspinous process devices, as well as in experimental and clinical studies. Fuchs was the first to suggest that interspinous device can be implanted with unilateral medial or total facetectomy to stabilize the spine; however, there is no biomechanical paper to show the level of stability provided by IPD after unilateral facetectomy specially that biomechanical studies have documented the destabilizing effects of unilateral facetectomy [ 5556 ].

Interspinous fixation systems are less invasive and present fewer risks than pedicle or facet screws in combination with fusion for the treatment of degenerative lumbar diseases. Depending on the indication, the Wallis implant is lahx either subsequent to a conventional posterior decompressive surgical procedure or in isolated fashion through a midline incision.

The interspinous space distance is determined using a measuring guide.

The Helifix Interspinous Spacer System is a percutaneous self-distracting implant manufactured from PEEK polyetheretherketone material and tantalum radiographic markers. The implant core is manufactured of Titanium alloy TiAl6V4 alloy while the external shell is composed of pure Titanium. The American pain Society guidelines indicated that interspinous spacer device have a B recommendation: Once proper fit is established, the Helifix implant is inserted with a rotating movement of the self-distracting helical tip in the interspinous area.

Proprietary spiked-plate design provides reliable bone fixation.

Aspen MIS Fusion System | Aspen MIS Fusion System by Zimmer Biomet

Paraspinal muscles are elevated off the spinous processes and medial lamina bilaterally using electrocautery. View at Google Scholar F. Some bony resection of the spinous process may be needed.


The authors requested further biomechanical and clinical evidence to strongly support the recommendation of a stand-alone interspinous fusion device or as supplemental fixation to expandable posterior interbody cages [ 58 ]. Although a growing number of different minimal invasive treatments have been introduced for the degenerative lumbar spine disease, the interspinous process devices are becoming an acceptable alternative for lumbar decompressive surgery [ 28 — 32 ].

View at Google Scholar U. Based on these data, a severely osteoporotic patient may be contraindicated for interspinous device, because a fracture of the spinous process might occur intraoperatively or postoperatively. View at Google Scholar O. Please select a location and click search to find an associate near you. The 8-mm distraction trocar has a sharp pointed tip to facilitate piercing of the interspinous ligament for the subsequent trocars and for the implant.

It must be applied between the spinous processes of the involved levels with monolateral MIS access right or left, depending on the affected side Figures 6 and 7. Enlargement of the Spinal Canal Area A decisive index for the relief of the clinical signs and symptoms is the enlargement spinal canal area. It is anatomical shape consists of two concave shaped ends, and it is core is an elastic spring which can be deformed. The authors report no conflict of interests concerning the materials and methods used in this study or the findings specified in this paper.

Intraoperative image of the first generation prototype all titanium Ellipse device.

This fact is especially true in spinal surgery, where many extenuating circumstances may compromise the results.