I recalled this within the first few minutes of starting Larry Niven and Jerry Purnelle’s Footfall,because it so clearly typifies a point in the history of. Nobody does it better than Niven and Pournelle. I loved it!”—Tom Clancy They first appear as a series of dots on astronomical plates. Written by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, Footfall is an Alien Invasion novel done right. Set in a very hard universe, it almost serves as a Deconstruction and.

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Their podcast episode was pretty good, it summed up a lot of my feelings. Twitter Reddit Facebook Tumblr. June 27, at I guess they were going for a mainstream bestseller like Lucifer’s Hammer 8 years earlierand apparently they succeeded, back in the 80’s.

Footfall by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle | : Books

So yes, the book is really good and after about pages I footfxll had to look up who was who put it down to age so enjoyed it even more, I feel some of the loose ends could’ve been tied up more, hence if I could I would give it 4.

I read the entire book, yes.

For the Samuel Beckett play, see Footfalls. Dec 29, mark monday rated it liked it Shelves: August 17, at 8: Paperbackpages. Interesting battles and ideas; lots of fun and excitement. They watch the rain fill in what used to a be a sea bed and Fox makes a brief speech about how he fought nuclear power and was a fool, because had he allowed science to progress then the humans might have been able laryr fight back against the invaders, and he wouldn’t be watching all the fragile, perfectly-adapted creatures of Death Valley drowning.


Other things I jotted down while reading: I can only imagine the laughter that Niven and Pournelle must have shared as they created these scenes with science fiction writers becoming the most important advisors to the President.

View all 16 comments. So, by the time the aliens are ready to start negotiating, they become increasingly baffled by the outraged humans who are still fighting with no-holds barred ferocity, including Kamikaze bombings.

Retrieved from ” https: The conclusion of this story gave my goose-bumps.

Tropes in this work.

Unfortunately I was enjoying it too much and despite it being exactly pages, the book ran out before the 4 day break did, not really the books fault I suppose.

Plucky Earthlings fight back. Jun 08, Holly Heisey rated it it was amazing.

Wells defined in his ‘War of the Worlds’: Not that I would be guilty of that or anything…. Footfall is a novel of First Contact, and it is signalled early on that the contact is not going to be rootfall friendly: The story keeps threading through these new characters and overlapping subplots and winding back, and even for a guy like me who has a hard time keeping track of characters, it’s easy to follow.

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Anyone who enjoyed “Independence Day”. Destroying a Soviet space station, nivwn in welcoming them Also, one of the aliens is captured by our side–and becomes a part of a think-tank against his fellows.

Footfall (1985) by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

In this case it is alien invasion and they choose to tell every facet that particular story could possibly have. I loved every second. The Fithp are confused by human attempts at peaceful contact.

Still the Earth will not give up, no matter how feeble their efforts seem, to save civilization, that long, upwards climb from the mud, to hopefully, in the future, the stars, will not be denied, without an enormous resistance, the history of humanity shows this The way several disparate elements merge into a workable, believable resolution.

The snouts simply can not understand, and decide that the suicidal humans are simply insane. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This article is about the science fiction novel. footfll

Though seriously damaged, she pursues the alien mothership. This is an excellent “invasion from outer space” book. You don’t see that building as you leave the airport, once you’re on the road to Washington, DC.