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The UN had an investigating body which was not allowed into Angola because the Portuguese government would not permit them; however, the UN was able to write a report on the basis of what they had learned about the current state of Angola from different sources — including missionaries.

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The abolition of forced labour in latewhich was in large part due to the takeover by the military of the disparate reform attempts of the s, came too late to have an effect on the war situation in Angola. The most immediate of these steps was to use missionaries as scapegoats by imprisoning them and accuse them of subversive actions, as in the case of the three livvro mentioned above.

They had no choice. Another was a school boy who was working in the carpenter shop as an apprentice in the afternoons and going to school in the morning. llvro

And this students have a law that everybody is supposed to pay a head tax when they are sixteen-eighteen years old. He was sent to the Dembos to plant coffee and secure the church property.


They have never acknowledge to our knowledge that they have any blame in this situation. In the papers we read that everything is fine in Angola, the blacks and the whites all live peacefully and happily, everybody can eat together and go to school together which are just lies [my emphasis].

The missionaries had none. And we felt that we were really cooperating with the Portuguese people and we have had a good experience in working in very close harmony and fellowship with the local officials. The Portuguese refused to educate the African population. When we took the goats and chickens, we sat there for a week on the boat, and we saw the exchange of manufactured goods being unloaded and returned for the raw materials coming out.

If we could continue on that line, I think we would keep out a lot of communist influence. He was assigned to Angola in as an agricultural missionary. The Portuguese, instead of negotiating, shot them down and forced them to go back to the fields.

Oeese also concluded that. He conveys with simplicity the core of the social relations in the Portuguese ex-colony: Not only for them but also the children of poor white people.

These men were forced to work for us. In Malanje there liro no threats of violence against them, rather against native prisoners. Portuguese Studies28 2: They met one of their students in jail who was put there because he was wearing the Methodist Youth emblem.

The response that many African chiefs gave to the officials, when they were beaten and put in jail, was that they would die before going back to growing cotton; before they were raising cotton for the Portuguese, they owned their cattle, and gardens and were happy. Interview Drake 39 The journalist wrapped up by asking what their plans were for the future. Kedse they were asked if they have ever encountered any difficulty with the Portuguese government because of their work.


My family emigrated from Germany. At the same time a fast counter-offensive was being prepared in Congo; and, back home national feelings were the call of the day. In Lisbon they were in one prison for about five days and posteriorly moved to another. The memories of missionaries like Fred Brancel is one more variable that complicates these relationships; not just between the United States and Angola, between Portugal and Angola, as well.

Race and Labour in the Third Portuguese Empire, c. Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida. Quessua became the heart and soul of the Methodists in Angola. I inquired about his impression of the Portuguese administrator, Brancel put his hands in his licro and said: And then they have laws regulating the matriculation in the schools.

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This situation increased the hatred between the races. Brancel does not remember having any Portuguese friends. Newsletter informativa Newsletter do OpenEdition.