Adcor® is a unique product that has been specifically developed to provide higher Adcor® Adhesive MS: An adhesive for gluing Adcor S to smooth. Adcor® S. Product Description. A conformable, swellable polymer/butyl rubber waterstop strip that expands in contact with water. When fully encapsulated by. GCP can also uniquely provide continuity of swellable waterstops at construction joint/movement joint intersections. This is achieved by linking Adcor S with.

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Factory made sheet ensures constant, non variable site application, Rubber and Bitumen. No need for protective steel mesh. Servitite AT is an internally placed waterstopwhich is cast centrally in the concrete to resist imternal and external water pressure. The wrong words are highlighted. Price Bituthene B1 Primer. Proofex Protection Board is bitumen impregnated.

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A continuous layer 500x natural sodium bentonite is sandwiched between a needle-punched polypropylene geotextile the cover layer and a slit film woven geotextile the carrier layer. These waterstops have been qdcor tested up to 27 metres head, in construction, expansion and kicker joints in concrete water retaining and excluding structures. VOLTEX contains zero VOC, can be installed in almost any weather conditions to green concrete, and most importantly, has proven effective on both new and remedial waterproofing projects worldwide.

Price Proofex Engage Detail Strip. The material also offers continuously active sealing; hydrophilic elements swell in contact with water to plug voids formed by normal concrete shrinkage.

Available in 3 different widths of mmmm and mm. Data Sheet Dual Seal Membrane can be installed in damp conditions and is, therefore, particularly suitable for use as a roof waterproofing system for earth covered potable water reservoirs.

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The 50s is also used to provide fillets at internal corners prior to application of other RIW membranes. All surfaces should be smooth, clean and dry. It is specially developed to seal joints in concrete structures at the outside surface thus protecting the reinforcing steel against corrosion attack, in addition to providing a totally watertight seal. B1 Solvent-based primer used to prepare vertical and sloping surfaces and suspended slabs, for Bituthene only.

Instructions on what protective equipments should adco used to handle the materials. The product has excellent adhesion to most common building materials. Price Adcor S Waterstop. Typical applications include preventing water ingress into basements, cellars and other below ground structures. When dry, the product forms an odourless and taint free black film suitable for metal protection, and overcoating wood and felt.

Profile size 25mm x 20mm. Price Visqueen Torchon Membrane. Polypropylene non – woven filter fabric encapsulating a 25 mm studded drainage core.

Long life, even when exposed to saturated conditions. Ador this happens it will be necessary to allow it to dry out or be.

Bentorub is a green, flexible hydrophilic bentonite strip for the sealing of construction joints in concrete. Price Servitite AT Waterstop 7.

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The product is supplied in 2m x 75m roll format. Price Bituthene GP Membrane. Construction joints in foundation slabs or below grade wallsAround pipes, steel H-piles, and other penetrationsNew-to-existing concrete workSeptic tanks, sanitary and storm sewer manholesUtility and burial vaults.

First, choose the form factor that is best for your application: On irregular concrete f ac e s gun a 10 m m bead o f A dcor Mastic as [ The seal resists hydrostatic pressure, stopping water from entering sub-structures.

Price Visqueen Treadguard Protection Fleece. It can be used both vertically and horizontally above and below ground level to prevent the ingress of water. Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane is a self adhesive waterproofing system. Ideal permanent waterproofing system for basements, cellars, pools, reservoirs and below ground level applications. Price Bituthene Servipak Board 3mm.


The product can be used as a fully bonded damp proofing membrane and as Type A Barrier Membrane protection within a structural waterproofing system designed to be compliant with the guidance of BS Controlled volumetric expansion – reduces risk of concrete spalling.

Double Drain can be used in conjunction with a primary waterproofing system, or on its own, adcir isolate the structure from the surrounding soil. Cementseal is a two adcot, polymer modified cement based waterproof coating for concrete and masonry, with excellent adhesion to prepared substrates.

Price Visqueen Protection Board. Release of the trigger enables the fire adcro to go into its original. Price Bituthene S2 Primer.

Price Bituthene Membrane. Febtank Super, when mixed with clean water, forms an extremely durable waterproof coating for concrete and masonry which is easily applied by a stiff hand brush, broom or spray. Visqueen TorchOn Tanking Membrane is a robust waterproofing membrane, used for heavy duty tanking and gas proofing applications.

If this happens it will be necessary to allow it to dry out or be [ Grace construction products CAS Number s: RIW Waterstop is a hydrophilic waterstop, a sodium bentonite based material, designed to stop water infiltration through insitu concrete construction joints.

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Price Serviseal AT Waterstop. Autom at i c bead gun w i th atomising air f o r bead a p pl icat io n. Proofex LM can be applied to damp surfaces.