Aegon Life iMaximize is a non-participating Unit Linked plan available online which gives the dual benefits of wealth maximization and insurance coverage. ULIP with ZERO premium allocation charge. Key Features & Benefits of iMaximize Plan from Aegon Life. Read detailed Review of this online plan by. Aegon Life iMaximize is an online ULIP and hence tries to leverage on a lower cost structure than traditional ULIPs. It only partially succeeds in.

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The quote number for which you have made the payment is your Policy Number. How long do I need to pay premiums under this Policy? However, in case you still want to surrender your Policy, you can do so at any time during the Policy Term. Our objective is to settle claims as early as possible and you would be glad to know that after receiving the necessary documents we take not more than 6 working days to settle a claim.

ULIP Review: Aegon Life iMaximize Plan

Option 2 – Call our Toll free number: Out of these, unusually, the debt funds have outperformed their benchmarks, not the equity funds. Also this plan can be bought online which adds to the convenience. Can I withdraw money from my Policy? The charges are low but not low enough; there are no investment strategies on offer and the equity ULIP funds have underwhelmed.

The second option is a type-2 plan that pays both the sum assured and imaixmize value upon death and packs in waiver of premium and periodic income benefit.


Option 1 – Endorsement form submission: Crude oil prices to direct sugar prices in The performance of the equity ULIP funds has also been disappointing. Only you need to go to their website select plan and put your details and you will be provided with all the details aegoj the insurance plan.

Where does a nominee apply for a claim? When can I place a request for free look? It only partially succeeds in this as the cost structure shows.

Moreover, he is cognizant imaximixe life is uncertain and that the future of his family needs to be protected. Rahul Sharma December 20, The process of encryption takes your credit card information and converts it into bits of code that are securely transmitted over the Internet. Higher of 7 x Annualised Premium or 0. You can contact us on our toll free no or you can write to us at customer.

Product crack: AEGON Religare iMaximize

This plan provides you with the choice to decide on the duration for which you would aegoon to pay the Policy premiums. The potential for returns also varies from fund to fund.

Out of odd open-ended equity schemes, just about 30 were able to beat a benchmark l Two, a secure fund with a larger allocation in money market instruments. For Option 2 it is Rs 24, below the age of 45 and Rs 36, argon the age of For investments, you get the fund value on maturity. Option 2 – Customer portal: A Unit Linked Insurance Plan ULIP is a product offered by insurance companies that unlike a pure insurance religarr gives investors the benefits of both insurance and investment under a single integrated plan.


Switch – This feature helps you shift your investments from one fund to another. Aegon Life ensures that every transaction you conduct online is in a safe and secure environment.

This is based on the mortality rates which are specified for all ages and amount of relibare being provided. Is it safe to make payments online?

ULIP Review: Aegon Life iMaximize Plan; does it maximise returns?

It has no Premium allocation charges, thus increasing the religgare of more fund for investment. Ensure that your nominee knows the details of your policy such as sum assured, policy term.

Only you the Policy owner can request for any of the above changes in your policy. For addition or change in nomination, you need to submit an endorsement form, signed by the policyholder, at the nearest ALI branch or the registered Head Office.

The Company would seek the following primary documents in support of a claim to enable processing of the claim intimated by the nominee under the Policy: How soon does reeligare claim get rligare