Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy () is a bestselling book by Martin Lindstrom, in which he analyzes what makes people buy. The author. Buyology by Martin Lindstrom is a compulsively readable (at least for marketers) account of a research project that spanned three years and cost $7 million. In BUYOLOGY, Lindstrom presents the astonishing findings from his Ford, and American Idol, BUYOLOGY is a fascinating and shocking.

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But now, bujology they are targeting our brains and triggering something deep inside our minds, is it even fair for smokers now?

The Film Industry 4. Neuromarketing is an Self-Promoting Marketing Piece But Has Some Value Martin Lindstrom is a high energy marketing consultant who has a lot to say about himself, and while taking short rests from that activity provides some interesting information about the pruported subject of the book, neuromarketing.

Gruesome health warnings on cigarette packages not only fail to discourage smoking, they actually make smokers want to light up. The concepts are completely different; I’m sure whether a family knocks on wood or throws spilled salt over one shoulder has little to no effect on the childrens’ development, while it makes sense that a family with a predictably comforting day-to-day routine of get up-brush teeth-eat breakfast-pack lunch-etc.

Lindstrom often bases his hypotheses around people’s lack of engagement with the external world, making blase assertions that he doesn’t know why he buys Diesel jeans or an iPod, doesn’t remember what he ate for breakfast, doesn’t remember where he was last week, etc.


As a result the book is set out in a series of experiments conducted to prove, disprove or explore theories surrounding what drives consumers to buy or not to buy. If this is science, why have we not seen anything in scientific journals, let alone ANY peer-reviewed journals??? Orca – LibraryThing What did I think that teasing little prompt to write a review?

His book is embarrasingly bad, — poorly researched, poorly organized, poorly written, poorly reasoned, and usually completely off the avowed topic. In many cases, people in skimpy clothing and suggestive poses not only fail to persuade us to buy products – they often turn us away.

He claims that mirror neurons are responsible for our buying behaviour.

Likewise is he too dogmatic in his conclusions? Here’s a creepy prediction: Buyology represents a few interesting insights, but the majority of the book is dedicated to the authors rather large ego. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I recommend the book to people patient enough to sit through the stories of how busy Lindstrom is flying around the world to meet with big name client because at the core of the book lie several interesting nuggets that reveal how the connection between what we think and how we act is not as strong as we would assume.

Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy and the New Science of Desire

Buology, all the shilling began to cast doubt on the apparent validity of the research, justifiably or not. Book Summary Lindstrom claims that market research is nothing but unreliable and misleading. Views Read Edit View history. Lindstrom gets all excited about doing brain scans on consumers as they view advertisements and products.


How accurate are these fRMI scans? In general, a group of people is often enough to give you good data.

Buyology – Wikipedia

To counter this, for e. Feb 21, Dinah rated it did not like it Shelves: Will the control be primarily democratic or will it require bureaucratic, centralized organizations to manage it? But ultimately, unless you are in advertising, I’m not sure there’s much there. Ultimately, if buyoloogy can determine what it is that drives you to purchase something, you’re buyplogy protected against mindless consumerism.

Colour is very powerful in connecting consumers visually with a logo or brand.

But the information is interesting enough to overcome the off-putting tone. Vanessa says 10 years ago. Preview — Buyology by Martin Lindstrom.

Selected pages Title Page. Toch ging het boek me op een gegeven moment tegenstaan, omdat het veel van hetzelfde is. This book also helped in understanding my own buying behavior. Jul 31, Thomas rated it it was ok. He does so by looking into people’s brains, literallly. He also regularly inflates the actual novelty of the research he is reporting on, referring to it as the largest neuroscientific marketing research effort ever conducted.

Does sex actually sell? While he obviously knows jack divided by squat about scientific research, Lindstrom DOES obviously know about advertising, marketing, and brand development.