Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference | Ready-to-use thickening liquid polymer that thickens instantly in aqueous mediums following neutralization, to produce perfectly clear gel formulas. Capigel Acrylates copolymer: CAPIGEL 98 thickens surfactant media and has good resistance to electrolytes and polar solvents. Ready-to-use thickening liquid polymer.

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Composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers comprising at least one fatty substance and at least one N,N bis beta-hydroxyethyl -para-phenylenediamine. The choice of precursors and couplers will be determined by the color, shade and intensity of coloration that is desired. The content of such third party sites is not within our control, and we cannot and will not take responsibility for the information or content.

Composition comprising at least one fatty substance and at least one cationic polymer, dyeing or lightening process using it and devices therefor. Means for brightening color modification of keratinic fibers, containing an alkyl phosphoric acid ester. Oxidizing compositions comprising a chelant and a conditioning agent and methods of treating hair. Preferably the compositions are in the form of oil-in-water emulsions. Capugel composition czpigel to the composition of Example E was prepared, with the exception that the amount of Crodafos CES RTM was replaced with a identical amount of water.

SEPPIC™ CAPIGEL 98 | Rinse-Off Application Polymeric Thickeners & Stabilizers

We’re sorry, but the industry you have selected is not currently available in your chosen language. These molecules mainly belong to three classes of aromatic compounds: This example illustrates how a phosphate ester compounds such as Crodafos CES RTM can increase the color uptake of oxidative hair dye compositions. Both compositions were used to dye switches of virgin hair and the resulting colors were measured.

This shows that the phosphate ester compounds can provide a hair bleaching composition with a suitable rheology while at the same time increasing the efficiency of the bleaching process. The alkoxylated fatty alcohols used can be the same for the mono- and di-esters.


As detailed in this patent, the reaction will usually result in a blend of mono- and di-phosphate esters. Process for lightening direct dyeing or oxidation dyeing in the presence of at least one organic amine, device therefor and anhydrous composition.

As people grow older, the production of melanin slows, giving more and more gray hair over time. The following example illustrates the capjgel of phosphate ester compounds in hair dye compositions vs. Composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers comprising para-aminophenol, dipropylene glycol and at least one additional dye precursor.

A dissolving agent for melanin and methods of applying such an agent to 9 fibers.

Monoï de Tahiti

Ready-to-use composition for oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers comprising at least one fatty substance, at least one thickener, at least one dye precursor, at least one oxidizing agent, and at least one alkaline agent, and process and kits therewith. When present, an optional conditioning agent can be packaged partly or in totality in a third container.

It is therefore intended to cover in the appended claims all such changes and modifications that are within the scope of this invention. The following example illustrates a bleaching lightening composition in the form of a kit comprising a lightening cream comprising ammonia and a hydrogen peroxide cream.

Swatches of virgin hair were treated with these three compositions in normal dyeing conditions and the resulting color was assessed.


Bleaching and dyeing or coloring of hair has become increasingly popular over the past years. However, UL assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and strongly encourages that upon final product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer. Are you a distributor who is interested in being listed here? In this kind of kit comprising at least two containers the compositions claimed are representative of the mixture applied on head, and there is no preference on the distribution of the phosphate compound claimed in the different containers.


Preferred hair-swelling agents for adjusting the pH of peroxide hair oxidizing compositions are aqueous caplgel solutions containing ammonia ammonium hydroxide or monoethanolamine MEA.

CAPIGEL 98 – Trademark Details

Such a mixture of cetearyl alcohol, dicetyl phosphate and ceteth phosphate is commercially available from Croda, Inc under the Trademark Crodafos CES.

Phase Inversion process [].

Capgel oxidizing agents are valuable for the initial solubilisation and decolorisation of the melanin bleaching and accelerate the polymerization of the oxidative dye precursors oxidative dyeing in the hair shaft. This esterification process is well known in the art and detailed description of one method of carrying out the process can be found in U.

A composition according to claim 9 wherein the ratio of ester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohols to ester phosphates of non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols is of from 1: Such HSA’s further enhance the oxidizing and dyeing process by swelling the hair fibers to aid both the diffusion of the peroxide and dyeing agents into the hair and enabling faster, more thorough dye oxidization and hair dyeing.

They are sufficiently small to diffuse in the hair shaft where, once activated by an oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide, they further react with other precursors to form larger colored complexes. The compositions of the present invention preferably comprise at least 0.