Modèle de circulation méridienne proposé initialement par G. Hadley en en six cellules zonales (au grand axe parallèle à l’équateur), les cellules de Hadley [. escenarios de cambio climático global Forzante sinóptico del chorro costero. A GCMs predicen en forma consistente una expansión de la celda de Hadley. El clima a lo largo de la costa de Chile. ○ Clima Debilitamiento celda de Walker GCMs predicen en forma consistente una expansión de la celda de Hadley.

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Changes in the Walker Circulation with time occur in conjunction with changes in surface temperature. The mechanisms by which this is accomplished differ in tropical and hadleg latitudes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Walker then selected a number of “centers of action”, which included areas such as the Indian Peninsula. Celdzs of Physical Oceanography. In the Hadley cell, both sensible and latent heat are transported equatorward near the surface, while potential energy is transported above in the opposite direction, poleward.

Walker circulation – Wikipedia

The major driving force of atmospheric circulation is the uneven distribution of solar heating across the Earth, which is greatest near the equator and lesser at the poles. This is partly a result of the strong constraints imposed on atmospheric motions by the conservation of angular momentum.

This coupled ocean-atmosphere feedback was originally proposed by Bjerknes. It was discovered by Gilbert Walker. Over the same interval, the power generated by the Hadley regime has risen at an average rate of about 0.


These enhanced easterlies induce more equatorial upwelling and raise the thermocline in the east, amplifying the initial cooling by the southerlies.

Meanwhile, mid-latitudinal storm tracks in the temperate zones increased and moved equatorward. In the early 18th century, George Hadleyan English lawyer and amateur meteorologistwas dissatisfied with the theory that the astronomer Edmond Halley had proposed for explaining the trade winds.

Views Read Edit View history. Having lost most of its water vapor to condensation and precipitation in the upward branch of the Hadley cell circulation, the descending air is dry.

Johanson; Qiang Fu The language you choose must correspond to the language of the term you have entered. It had previously been suggested that sunspots could be the cause of the temperature variations, but Walker argued against this conclusion by showing monthly correlations of sunspots with temperature, winds, cloud cover, and rain that were inconsistent. The circulation exhibits the following phenomena: Overall, mean meridional circulation cells such as the Hadley circulation are not particularly efficient at reducing the equator-to-pole temperature gradient due to cancellation between transports of different types of energy.

The atmospheric circulation transports energy polewards, thus reducing the resulting equator-to-pole temperature gradient. This might lead to large changes in precipitation in the latitudes at the edge of the cells.

Hadley cell – Wikipedia

The region in which the equatorward moving air masses converge and rise, is known as the intertropical convergence zoneor ITCZ. Hadley was not satisfied with that part of Halley’s theory and rightly so.


But for the westward component of the trade winds Halley had proposed that in moving across the sky the Sun heats the air mass differently over the course of the day. The Walker circulationalso known as the Walker cellis a conceptual model of the air flow in the tropics in the lower atmosphere troposphere.

He examined the relationships of the summer and winter values of pressure and rainfall, first focusing on summer and winter values, and later extending his work to the spring and autumn.

Although the deserts do not extend to the eastern side of the various continents because of ocean currents caused by haldey Trade Winds. Language Portal of Canada Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes.

Célula de Ferrel

This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat Present, Past, and Future. This circulation creates the trade windstropical rain-belts and hurricanessubtropical deserts and the jet streams.

Hadley to explain the trade winds. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. Views Read Edit View history.