The growing fragmentation of natural habitats intensifies the necessity to evaluate biological diversity contained in plant remnants. Composicao, estrutura e. Índice de equitabilidade de Pielou (E) Medida da abundância relativa das espécies E=H ́ /H ́ max. em que: • H ́ = índice de diversidade de Shannon; • H ́ max. 4 nov. Índice de Pielou Bárbara Lima Santiago da Costa Índice de Pielou (Equabilidade ): É derivado do índice de diversidade de Shannon e permite.

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Statistics and partitioning of species diversity, and similarity among multiple communities. Qualea paraensis 10 ind. Acta Amazonic a, Hulbert nomeia 1-D para amostras finitas de PIE probability of interspecific encounter.

Tropical forest disturbance, disappearance, and species loss. A critic of the use of jackknife and related non-parametric techniques to estimate species richness in assemblages. At Chapada Grande Meridional, the gradient of fertility, texture and salinity influenced the distribution of some species. Stand puelou in a logged and silviculturally treated Costa Rican rain forest, Such problems can be avoided using alternative methods.

Índice de Pielou by Bárbara Lima on Prezi

Pielous evenness is an index that measures diversity along with species richness. Mimosa ophthalmocentra, Poincianella pyramidalis, Spondias tuberosa, Schinopsis brasiliensis, Parapiptadenia zehntneri, Mimosa tenuiflora, Ceiba glaziovii, Senegalia bahiensis, Senegalia paniculata e Croton blanchetianus.


Ecological diversity and its measurement. At PNSC 45 species and 40 genera were found distributed among 21 botanic families, with stem density of indiv. Rarefaction as a distribution-free method of expressing and estimating diversity.

International Co-operative Publishing House, Fairland. Relationships among indices suggest that richness is an incomplete surrogate for grassland biodiversity.

Oecologia Brasiliensisv. Significato di equabilidade nel dizionario portoghese con esempi di utilizzo.

Species richness and evolutionary niche dynamics: Aims and methods for vegetation ecology. Modelling the known and unknown plant biodiversity of the Amazon basin. This work was performed in a hypoxerophytic Caatinga fragment in equwbilidade city of Arcoverde, Pernambuco state and aimed at determining the floristic composition and phytosociological parameters of tree and shrub species that make up the fragment.

An update of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group classification for the orders and families of flowering plants: Diversity was close to that found in other seasonal deciduous forest studies in the region. A unified index to measure ecological diversity and species rarity. Comparing species richness among assemblages using sample units: Also, diversity indices applied to samples differing in species richness and evenness may produce similar values. Families that stood out most were Mimosaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Anacardiaceae, Caesalpiniaceae and Rhamnaceae.

Equabilidade de pielou pdf

Diversity, diversity indices and tropical cockroaches. Equabilidaade on Demand Journal. R package, version 1. Universidade Federal do Rrio Grande do Sul, Species abundance patterns and community structure. Lima, Piptadenia stipulacea Benth. Wood CO 2 efflux in a primary tropical rain forest. Comparison of different methods for diversity ordering.


Adriano Sanches Melo, e-mail: Departamento de Recursos Naturais e Estudos Ambientais, The study was conducted in 40 plots 10 qeuabilidade 25 m with inclusion level the circumference at 1. Amazon species, diversity, Fabaceae, Pentaclethra macroloba. Astronium fraxinifolium, Aspidosperma subincanum, Commiphora leptophloeos, Dilodendron bipinatum, Enterolobium contortisiliquum, Guazuma ulmifolia, Luehea divaricata, Machaerium scleroxylon, Machaerium stipitatum, Machaerium villosum, Maclura equabilidadr, Myracrodruon urundeuva, Platypodium elegans, Pseudobombax longiflorum, Rhamnidium elaeocarpum, Schinopsis brasiliensis, Simira sampaioana, Tabebuia impetiginosa e Tabebuia roseo-alba.

Como Medir a Diversidade. However, species of secondary group had the highest species richness 95followed by the climax 44 and the pioneer Species richness vs evenness: From a total of species that occur in all areas, 94 species that occur in two or more areas were analyzed. On the diversity of reptile and amphibian species in a bornean rain forest.

Most of the individuals We observed 4, individuals trees per hectare distributed in 42 families, genera and species.