Editorial Reviews. Review. “The Corinthian remains one of my favorite Georgette Heyer books a treat and a keeper.” – Lesa’s Book Critiques “hilarious. Georgette Heyer wrote The Corinthian a few months after the tragic death of her brother-in-law, a close friend, in one of the early battles of. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Heyer, ioned.

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Then there’s Piers, Pen’s childhood friend. And you propose to undertake this journey as a passenger on an Accommodation coach? The name Cedric is one of Miss Heyer’s rare historical errors, having first been used by Sir Walter Scott in the novel Ivanhoepublished in — well after the period of this book — in mistake for the actual Saxon name Cerdic. As usual, I found re-reading this book just made it better.

I found him easily amused which I liked, since it unbuttoned him a bit. Penelope – or Pen – ggeorgette running away from her aunt and uncle to escape their plot to marry her to her fish-faced cousin to keep her large dowry in the family.

This has to be the third book mentioned so far that includes cross dressing! Penelope running away in men’s clothing, the adventures by stagecoach or the elopement of one very silly secondary couple.

He has friends, has a believable se Re-Read I generally find Heyer covers don’t match the book, but this one seems particularly egregious. Tbe like a great read. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! I really think the bizarre case with the Bow Street Runner was really too georgettee. Speaking of which, this book only covers about a weeks worth of time. She compensated by making all the voices very distinctive and by showing the corintyian behind the word I am trying out the new romance package on Audible.


Yes, her book are a little corinthiqn [I mean her romances]. This too goes on my TBR pile. She is a pretty girl, of about seventeen, neyer, plump, and brown haired.

The Corinthian (novel) – Wikipedia

Just unrealistic I guess. You carry your wine very well. Books by Georgette Heyer. Let it suffice that I have not the slightest intention of making love to you. Heyer remains a popular and much-loved author, known for essentially establishing the historical romance genre and its subgenre Regency romance.

The Corinthian

I liked Faro’s Daughter more, since I feel the couple had better chemistry. The Duke of Defiance.

Only tell me the way to Holborn! Her hair, which georgete in feathery curls on the top of her head, and was somewhat raggedly cut at the back, was guinea-gold; her eyes were a deep blue, very large and trustful, and apt at any moment to twinkle with merriment.

I listened to the audio version of this book so this Cleanliness Report is not as thoroughly detailed as other reports are. Always full of hair-raising ideas, she lets her imagination fly unfettered and charms the socks out of the world-weary playboy Richard.

One the way home, a youth drops out of a window into his arms. If she doesn’t become a governess she’d make a great one with her personality-yikesher only hope would be some “Cit” would want to marry his daughter off to Lord Saar’s sons or the Cit’s son to Melissa.

By putting on a boy’s clothes, Penn gets to participate in the adventures as well, and greets almost heyr circumstance with unimpaired good spirits. This is one of my favorite Heyer novels. Writing about reading and interacting with other readers worldwide has been a trans-formative process, exposing her to so many authors that she might easily have missed, like Georgette Heyer, who is a fairly new vorinthian.


The Corinthian is a regency novel by Georgette Heyer. The fugitive’s feet were only just above his reach, and in another five seconds the fugitive descended into his arms with a rush that made him stagger, and almost lose his balance. Pen’s family is not as bad as she makes them out to be. Yes, there is an age difference. Hardly the woman in the portrait who is wearing a dress dating from about 10 years later.

Gworgette I Only Had a Duke.

I hadn’t thought of that. In the process he avoids a betrothal to Melissa Brandon, whose family are relying on him to help them out of their financial difficulties.

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My original impression of Corintuian still stands. The wit isn’t quite as incisive, maybe. A Secret Consequence for the Viscount. She made no appearances, never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point. Right away the characters leapt off the page and I could easily see and hear them in my head.

Her mannerisms, an innocence that can get her into scrapes, a joyful exuberance that can’t be dimmed and a desire for adventure Jan 16, Mela rated it really liked it Shelves: The delightful surprise was that Richard had a sense of humor and a boyish taste in adventure.