Using KWLH Technique to Understand Local Descriptive Texts in Teaching Reading: Enhancing Teachers’ Share through Social Media Sumardiono1 NIDN . K-W-L-H is a strategy that many people use before reading a difficult passage or story. In this particular strategy, you use this strategy before. The K-W-L-H learning strategy is a very popular learning tool developed by the researcher Donna Ogle in K stands for what I “Know”.

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Yet others learn to read a second, third or additional language, with or without having learned to read in their first language. By sharing the materials and the techniques in teaching through social media, the teachers of English can take advantages to be more creative, sensitive, tecjnique care to the change of learning situation and learning needs.

Besides, many places, sites, geographic nature, etc provide a rich literary works. Then the cross, reciprocal, and mixed textures of the porridge occur as the birth of a child.

The reading texts can be edited using spoken discourse which can be downloaded and listened by the members. Tokyo Development Learning Centre. To be more specific, in Blitar, there are a lot of myths that we can explore as the teaching materials in reading. Evans adds that in reading, it should appear relationship of reader to writer.

Matrix for mwlh and gathering initial information. Variously, the ways of classical confirmation can adapt classical techniques like discussing, lecturing, presenting, reporting, etc. White porridge symbol father. As the result, the students will get the most appropriate treatment to sharpen their reading comprehension or other skills in learning English. Therefore, as a youngsters of Javanese, we should be proud of having various traditional foods as the symbols of prayers and culinary in Java.

Pre- Reading Strategy K-W-L-H by brook kazyak on Prezi

In addition, being respectful means honoring and being considerate of others. Text 1 Jenang There are a lot of jenang in Javanese traditional foods.

Some other kinds of jenang include jenang grendul, dodol, jenang of apple, etc. In this text, the object can be a concrete or abstract object.


Retrieved on October 11th,from http: Students, Texts, and Contexts. Then, in the same occasion of naming ceremony, a family is supposed to have selamatan thanksgiving ceremony completed with the requirements of white porridge jenang putih and red porridge jenang abang. It enables them to gain new knowledge, enjoy literature, and do everyday things that are part and parcel of modern life, such as, reading the newspapers, job listings, instruction manuals, maps, and so on.

Kementrian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan.

KWLH – Gallaudet University

In details, rechnique elaboration on comprehending the reading of local decriptive text is realized in form of filling KWLH charts done by the learners.

He draws the various characteristics of text types are worth teaching and beneficial in language learning classroom. A similar version can be used for active thinking during reading. Ogle emphasizes KWLH to help teachers honor what children bring to each reading situation and model for tecunique students the importance of accessing appropriate knowledge sources before reading.

It can be about any topic. The third Jenang is in Pitonan ceremony. Here is a complete example of local decriptive text.

KWHL chart

Hedgcock and Ferris emphasize that an individual reader brings a number of different things into the reading process, including purposes for reading e. Pitonan is held at 12 a. Considering contextualized materials, this article deals with the practice of teaching of reading local descriptive text by using KWLH technique as introduced by Ogle Teaching reading curriculum is more challenging. The addition H is as proposed by Wuryanto Easy familiarity and leg-pulling in one relationship can appear much too presumptuous in another.

Slametan thanksgiving party of pitonan seven-month ceremony. Become pepeling, so, we do not get Parental betrayed, to be disobedient children to the elderly. Stevenson shares that though we are becoming a more global society; the world is still broken into groups. Click here to sign up. These kinds of foods are made of sticky rice ketan. Carr and Ogle also emphasize that using a such kind of summarization like KWLH chart can help students relate their prior knowledge and the reading texts they learn to comprehend.


Blended Learning in the Development Context. You can disable cookies in your browser but this may affect your ability to interact with this site. It is a complex activity that involves both perception and thought.

It means that teaching English in Indonesia in which the people speak other languages and have indigenous cultures different from those of native speakers of English has difference on setting.

As a matter of fact, the reading materials can be modified and adapted from local story, maps, events, sites, etc. We also use cookies to store information such as visitors’ preferences. Related to the response of the members, the communication can be in many ways as described in Figure 2 below: Jenang is used to completing the requirements uba rampe in Javanese ceremonies. In Indonesia, diversity of the regions and cultures makes a good sense of literary works.

From this view, the teachers of English are expected to enhance shares among teachers and practitioners of English through social media and apply it to their students.

The description describes parts, qualities, and characteristics of the part of the object. From this, the techniuqe should be able to connect their minds and the reading materials. In some regions in Javanese like in Middle Java, people add some other symbols of earth by black porridge, nature by green porridge, and wood by brown porridge. The additional theoretical reason of using technoque descriptive text is that regarding character building of Indonesian students.

In blended learning, the ways to manage the learning interaction can be designed creatively and adaptably by the teacher. When the learners respect someone or something, they appreciate its uniqueness.